So, What Did I Miss? 1st Worlds Edition

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So much going on, so little time to catch up. This is how I feel, not that I am complaining.


How to follow


via the FIG “Numerous videos from the qualification rounds will be uploaded to the FIG YouTube channel during the competition. Subscribe to get updates when videos become available. For finals there will be a live stream on YouTube. The link for the stream will be updated daily and available a few hours before the competition begins. ” [Link]** **

A handy schedule for the competition with draws, start lists and to results to be made available as the competition progresses  [Link]

Schedule and BBC coverage, via Rewriting Russian Gymnastics [Link]


Podium training commentary,


via  The Gymternet

Subdivisions 1 and 2, including  Russia [Link]

Subdivisions 3 to 5, most notably USA [Link]

Subdivisions 7 to 9, including China and Japan [Link]

Gymnastics Coaching also watched podium training.  Coach Rick sees Simone biles as a sure thing for golds on vault, floor and all around [Link], MyKayla Skinner as a strong contender on vault and floor [Link], while China appeared strong, a real threat to the US dominance in the team event [Link]


In News


Elisa Meneghini – our of Worlds with back injury [Link]

Kyla Ross is struggling to overcome a  hip injury she suffered right before the competition [Link]

Anna Pavlova  on meeting her former team mates at Worlds, not necessarily the ways she always envisioned it “I wanted to be a part of [Russia’s] national team. I produced good results, but they wouldn’t take me. So I had to do what I did “[Link]

10 to watch – in the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics competition [Link]

Bellu & Bitang “will spend a fortune” on phone calls to China [Link]

A couple of quotes from Larisa Iordache: “I won a bronze medal in the last world gymnastics championships, so I want make it better and win the gold medal.” [Link]


In Video:


USA podium training [Link]


China podium training



China and Germany podium training



Russia Podium training and China in the training hall




In Picture:


Nadia Boyce for TCG:

Russia [Link], Italy [Link], Romania[Link], GBR [Link],Australia [Link], USA [part 1], [part 2], Podium training day 2 subdivision 1 [here]

Sports2Visual: Day 2 of podium training [Link]


If you feel that something of utmost importance is missing, please leave a comment!


Article by  Bea Gheorghisor

Photo cover: Nadia Boyce

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