So, What Did I Miss? 3rd Worlds Edition

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It feels like Worlds have been on for ages but this was just the first day of competition. Can you believe it?

Here are the things you should not miss?


Results and report after the first day of qualifications. [Link]

The FIG is doing a great job updating us in real time on the results. You can find all the links here.

Start list for tomorrow [Link**] **you will need to scroll down to page 25

China’s core will be Chen, Shang and Yao. The line-up:

Uneven bars: Chen, Shang, Huang, Yao, Tang

Beam: Chen, Shang, Huang, Yao, Bai

Floor: Chen, Yao, Shang, Tan, Bai

Vault: Shang, Chen, Yao, Tan, Bai


Romania is counting on Iordache, Stanila, Ocolisan. Their line-up:

Vault: Stanila, Ocolisan, Iordache, Zarzu, Tudorache

Uneven bars: Stanila, Ocolisan, Iordache, Tudorache, Zarzu

Beam: Stanila, Munteanu, Iordache, Ocolisan, Tudorache

Floor: Stanila, Munteanu, Iordache, Ocolisan, Zarzu


Jupp, Fragapane and harrold will be competing on all 4 for Great Britain:

Floor: Whelan, Simm, Jupp, Harrold, Fragapane

Vault: Whelan, Simm, Harrold, Fragapane, Jupp

Uneven bars: Franapane, Simm, Jupp, Harrold, Downie

Beam: Whelan, Jupp, Harrold, Fragapane, Downie


Sara Dorrien wrote a magnificent article on Mustafina’s floor exercise evolution and the philosophy behind it [Link]

It was good timing as only a couple of hours later the Russian hit this routine in qualifications:


Aleeza Yu injured her foot on beam during the 1st subdivision of qualifications. Canada started the competition on beam; they nearly gave Coach Rick a heart attack [Link]

Grace Chiu’s update later in the day:

Aliya Mustafina interview after qualifications, via Rewriting Russian Gymnastics on Facebook [Link]

Gymnastics Australia released an official statement regarding Lauren Mitchell, she has sustained an ankle sprain and will not compete tomorrow [Link]

A Claudia Fragapane interview “The way I see it is that the judges are sat there judging people for absolutely ages and it must get boring, so I just give them something different and to be excited by” [Link]

Marta Pihan on Poland’s performance in qualifications “The beam is always a lottery. In our practice, all the girls did their routines cleanly step by step, no falls, and today almost everyone fell from the Beam.” [Link]

Veronica Wagner on her come-back at 27. She only started training again in June. [Link]

Roxi Popa self assessment time:

** **


**In Video: **piibunina has qualification videos and has continued to upload podium training videos. These include now Italy, Japan, Great Britain and Romania.

Romanian Television video update before the start of the competition (captured by Manu R.  – thank you so much):


In Pictures

Sports2Visuals have an excellent photo gallery from day 1 of qualifications on their facebook page. [Link]

Here are some social media pics:



And Nadia Boyce continued to provide some amazing exclusive pictures [Link]

these made me smile:

Article by  Bea Gheorghisor

Photo cover: Nadia Boyce

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