4 Nations: Must See Routines

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These are videos of the Russian and Romanian teams. I apologize to the Italian and Colombian fans, I was unable to watch and record all teams. Also, I noticed there was a lot of local and national press so I figured the Italian gymnasts will receive plenty of coverage for this event.

Please be patient when watching these, you might be disappointed with my twitchy, trembling and moving hands, I was not paying attention to the camera at all times because I feel like I have to see the routines directly (not through the screen) in order to actually take everything in.

Without further ado, here is what I managed to record:

Seda Tutkhalyan – FX

Silvia Zarzu – VT

Anastasia Dimitrieva – FX

Andreea Ciurusniuc – VT

Ekaterina Sokova – FX

Angelina Melnikova – FX

Anamaria Ocolisan – VT

Evgenia Shelgunova – FX

Laura Jurca – UB

Maria Bondareva – VT

Andreea Ciurusniuc – UB

Andreea Iridon – UB

Anamaria Ocolisan – UB

Evgenia Shelgunova – VT

Laura Jurca – BB

Maria Bondareva – UB

Andreea Iridon – BB

Anastasia Dimitrieva – UB

Silvia Zarzu – BB

Seda Tutkhalyan – UB

Anamaria Ocolisan – BB

Angelina Melnikova – UB

Andreea Ciurusniuc – BB

Evgenia Shelgunova – UB

Laura Jurca – FX

Anastasia Dimitrieva – BB

Silvia Zarzu – FX

Ekaterina Sokova – BB

Andreea Ciurusniuc – FX (incomplete)

Angelina Melnikova – BB

Andreea Iridon – FX

Seda Tutkhalyan – BB

Anamaria Ocolisan – FX

Evgenia Shelgunova – BB

Angelina Melnikova – BB



Article & cover picture: Bea Gheorghisor

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