Toyota International: Vault and Bars Results

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The first of two competition days is complete at the Toyota International Competition in Japan. Russia’s Maria Paseka won vault with a total score of 15.025 (it looks like she skipped the Cheng this time), followed by Japan’s Mai Murakami (14.425) and Hungary’s Boglarka Deval (14.400). Daria Spiridonova (Russia) won bars with a 14.500, followed by Japan’s Asuka Teramoto (14.400) and Hungary’s Noemi Makra (14.300). Reigning World Champion Viktoria Komova finished in 7th place after falling twice.

Full Results:

Vault  (Vault 1 D/Vault 2 D/Total)

Maria Paseka (5.6/6.3/15.025)

Mai Murakami (5.8/5.2/14.425)

Boglarka Deval (5.8/5.2/14.400)

Thanh Phan (5.0/5.8/14.225)

Ksenia Afanasyeva (5.8/5.6/14.125)

Sae Miyakawa (6.2/5.2/13.650)

Oksana Chusovitna (4.4/5.5/13.450)

Antonia Alicke (4.8/4.6/13.350)

Kirsten Peterman (5.3/4.8/13.250)

Sydney Townsend (5.3/4.8/13.050)

Sarah Voss (5.0/4.2/12.750)

Noemi Makra (5.0/0.0/6.925

Helody Cyrenne: scratched



Daria Spiridonova (6.2/8.3/14.500)

Asuka Teramoto (5.9/8.5/14.400)

Noemi Makra (6.1/8.2/14.300)

Mai Murakami (5.6/8.3/13.900)

Oksana Chusovitna (5.2/7.9/13.100)

Sarah Voss (5.2/7.850/13.050)

Viktoria Komova (6.2/6.8/13.000)

Helody Cyrenne (5.4/7.2/12.600)

Kirsten Peterman (5.4/7.150/12.550

Boglarka Deval (4.9/7.150/12.050)

Thanh Phan (scratched)

Koko Dobashi (5.6/7.2/12.800)

Sydney Townsend (4.7/6.4/11.100)


Article: Sara Dorrien-Christians

Photo: Gymnastics Fan Page on

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