So, What Did I Miss? January 2016

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A month’s worth of gym-news, gossip and fun:

… in Competition

Elite Canada International starts this week. More details here

**2016 WOGA Classic **(13 February) list of participants , with world champs Alyssa Baumann and Madison Kocian [Link]

World Challenge Cup in Baku (20 February 2016): The Brazilian WAG and the Japanese MAG teams, among the ones to watch [Link]

American Cup (5th of March 2016) – start list: Gabrielle Douglas and Maggie Nichols (USA), Tisha Volleman (Ned), Mai Murakami (JPN), Carlotta Ferlito (ITA), Tabea Alt (GER), Amy Tinkler (GBR), Elsabeth Black (CANA), Lorrane Oliveira (BRA) [Link]

Gymnix (3-6 March 2016) line-up announced:

Senior Comp: Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium

Junior comp: US, Canada, Russia, Belgium, GB, France and Japan [Link]

Glasgow World Cup (12th of March 2016), list of participants: Claudia Fragapane (GBR), Kelly Simm (GBR), Asuka Teramoto (JPN), Maria Kharenkova (RUS), Lieke Wevers (NED), Enus Mariani (ITA), MyKayla Skinner (USA), Xie Yufen (CHN) Maegan Chant (CAN) [Link] – Edit Maegan Chant will be replaced by Madison Copiak, due to injury.

Stuttgart World Cup (19th of March 2016) list of participants: Elisabeth Seitz (GER), Tabea Alt (GER), Elissa Downie (GBR), Elisa Meneghini (ITA), Xie Yufen (CHN), Isabela Onyshko (CAN), Nia Dennis (USA), Celine van Gerner (NED), Seda Tutkhalian (Rus) [Link]

British Championships will take place over the second week-end of April (Friday 8th to  Sunday 10th). Sunday’s event finals will be broadcasted by the BBC [Link]

NCAA recaps for January, with Maria Layton: week one, week two and week three

… in News

Bruno Grandi pens open letter in the beginning of the olympic year “Sportive justice is the principle that has guided me my entire Presidency at the FIG. As there remain only several months before I pass the baton to my successor, who will be elected at the FIG Congress October 18-20 in Tokyo, I am proud to see this long combat for justice produce results.” [Link]

The Dutch Federation establishes their qualifying criteria for the 2016 Olympic team, with a focus on event specialists [Link]

Sara Dorrien’s  goodbye to Anastasia Grishina who confirmed her retirement last month: “From the positioning of spins, to Onodis and illusion turns on beam, to “real” in-bar stalders, to piked Jaegers that are actually attractive, Grishina executed textbook gymnastics. It’s a perfectionism that doesn’t always deliver in the end, but it certainly creates some exquisite moments along the way.” [Link]

Wyomi Masela suffers Achilles’ tendon injury, a new setback after her 2013 injury [Link]

Elizabeth Price shares her feelings and thought process that helped her move from elite gymnastics and National US team member, to successful collegiate gymnast or an ‘engineering student who does gymnastics on the side’ [Link]

Sarah Finnegan talks about her tough personal experience transitioning from elite to a collegiate career [Link]

… in Interview

Vasiliki Millousi interview: “You know, it bothers me when I hear people saying “go for gold”. For us it’s so difficult to even get into the finals. For example I was very close the last time, I was 11th with a very small difference, it seems to be too far away and I don’t talk about it because I focus on how to get into the finals, and then once you are in the finals anything can happen. Because balance beam is… unbalanced sometimes (laughs)” [Link]

Natalia Yurchenko: “I see these beautiful gymnasts and feel very proud of how they are carrying our Soviet/Russian traditions through the history of this amazing sport. Artistry, execution and passion are what make Russian gymnastics so unique. I do not know what they need to improve right now. They always capture your attention even if they fail or suffer. I love them for who they are. Maybe we should just enjoy watching them.” [Link]

**Team Brazil: **Alexandrov’s girls, are eager to “get it done” and qualify to the Olympics [Link]

… in Video

Team GB and Team Brazil, training together, in Rio last week:

Diana Bulimar’s new floor music “Cry me a river” [Link]

Romania: Promo video for “Country, country we want champions” the project that targets rebuilding Romania for the 2024 Olympics [Link]

Roxy Popa training bars [Link]

Giulia Steingruber looking healthy after her knee scare at the 2015 Worlds vault final [Link]

Chantysha Netteb training an Arabian double front [Link]


… in Pictures

The first US national training camp of the year:

More pictures here

Russia – Vika and Daria, happy, healthy and training, just like we want them:

More pictures here

Brazil – Flavia, Julie and Rebeca, looking strong:


That’s all we have for now, please leave a comment if you have insights, additions, comments etc.


Article by  Bea Gheorghisor

Photo cover: Nadia Boyce

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