Sao Paulo World Cup: Final Results

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The Sao Paulo World Cup concluded with the Balance Beam Final and Floor Exercise Final in Sao Paulo, Brazil, last Sunday. Given the region and the proximity to the European Championships, competitors mostly hailed from Central and South America, but there were also contingents from Finland, Germany, and Japan.

Medals were spread out generously, though the gold ones were mostly earned by Daniele Hypolito (Brazil) who won the titles on vault, balance beam, and floor exercise in front of a home crowd. Jessica Lopez (Venezuela) won gold on uneven bars.

Vault Final

Daniele Hypolito (Brazil) 5.3/5.3/14.125

Michelle Timm (Germany) 5.0/5.0/13.850

Annika Urvikko (Finland) 5.0/5/.0/13.700

Cataline Escobar (Colombia) 5.8/4/8/13.575

Esperanza Fernandez (Argentina) 5.0/4/.6/12.750

Camila Vilches (Chile) 4.2/5.4/12.100

Bars Final

Jessica Lopez (Venezuela) 6.4 D/14.650 total

Rebeca Andrade (Brazil) 6.0 D/14.500 total

Kim Bui (Germany) 6.3 D/14.500 total

Lorrane Iliveira (Brazil) 5.8 D/13.900 total

Ailen Valente (Argentina) 5.4 D/12.800 total

Simona Castro (Chile) 5.0 D/7.800 total

Maria Stoffel (Argentina) 4.9 D/7.400 total

Cataline Escobar (Colombia) 5.1 D/12.000 total



Article: Sara Dorrien-Christians

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