So, What Did I Miss? 3-Days -to-Rio Edition

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Catching up with the past three days in (Olympic) gymnastics, news, interviews, pictures and video:

first, the admin:

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Schedule  for gymnastics at the Rio games [HERE]/ General Olympic Games schedule [HERE]

Also, find the current local time in Rio de Janeiro [HERE]


So, what did you miss …

… in gymnasts & teams news

Russia – Angelina Melnikova is training her full program (according to Valentina Rodionenko) as she looks to have recovered from her hamstring injury [HERE]

Viktoria Komova has been diagnosed with a stress fracture of the fifth vertebrae and will take on a six months rest period after which she will decide on her future in gymnastics [HERE]

It looks like Laurie Hernandez has turned pro, which will deem her ineligible to compete in NCAA (she had committed to University of Florida) [HERE]

**Catalina Ponor **on competing all around at the 3rd Olympics”I am going to take advantage of my chance, even if the bars routine is an easy one, minimal, the important is for me to be satisfied to know that I’ve done it, at my age and at the Olympics” [HERE]


Simone‘s “secret” weapon and how she cures her soreness with some pricey leg warmers [HERE]


… in previews & projections

Five potential breakthrough stats of the Rio games – we all love them already and they have been fan favorites for years but it’s time for “mainstream” attention [HERE]


... in interview, fluffs & features

Jordyn Wieber interview with David Lease of The Skating Lesson about impressing Marta, being competitive, coaching Kyla Ross and much more  [HERE]

Laurie Hernandez started taking ballet and dance lessons when she was five, find out more about Laurie HERE

The “late bloomer” Simone Biles on other people’s expectations of her “That doesn’t affect me. That is just an opinion. I can only control what I do when I go compete. If I disappoint someone, it’s their loss for putting that expectation on me when they don’t know me. I can’t control what they want.” [HERE]

Svetlana Khorkina and Elena Zamolodchikova interview about the Olympics. Love it how they couldn’t name anyone but Russia when asked about their medal predictions [HERE]

Becky Downie “2012 was the toughest time in my career but it was really significant too. I’ve used [not making the London 2012 team] as motivation, I felt like I had a point to prove” [HERE]

Madison Kocian: “Back in 2010, Kocian was not the WOGA gymnast most expected to make the Rio Olympic team, but in 2016 she was the one who heard her name called.” [HERE]

Max Whitlock: “I feel so lucky and very fortunate for my name to be put alongside Uchimura’s. That is a crazy feeling. A few years ago I said if I ever come second to Uchimura it would feel like winning, and I got the chance to do that way before I thought it would happen.” [HERE]

Gabby Douglas shares her music playlist [HERE] and her morning routine [HERE]

How to eat like an athlete [HERE]

Marta Karolyi “At 73, Karolyi will retire following the Rio Olympics, ending a 16-year tenure in which she has transformed the United States into the world’s dominant power in women’s gymnastics. Since succeeding her husband of 54 years, Bela, Martha has been the driving force behind 87 international and Olympic medals.” [HERE]


… history of the Olympic gymnastics

Inspiring generations – a piece on the influence of the “practical bob” on a young Cuban that didn’t want to become a gymnast “like Nadia” but wanted hair like Nadia’s  [HERE]

Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner – gymnastics’ first couple and how they met [HERE]


… 2016 Rio Games multisport and news

How to watch the Olympics (without paying for cable) [HERE]

NBC has the podium training for MAG and WAG (US subdivisions), in their schedule [HERE]


… skills and training video

Hong Un Jong training the Triple Twisting Yurchenko in Rio [HERE]

Russia news feature:


and a second one, the gymnasts are training vault in the background:

Catalina Ponor, enjoying her 3rd Olympics


… in pictures

Larisa Iordache on her way to the Olympics:

Team USA = Squad Goals


Team China, spotted in the training venue:

… and keeping those mosquitoes away:

Russia and the Netherlands:

Team GB pose with the rings:

A very inspired Canadian training leo:

Team Germany on their departure for Rio:

The Netherlands  = picture goals

USA training leo fashion update:


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Don’t forget to buy Dvora Meyers’ book, The End of the Perfect 10 –  the most well-researched, complex, and beautifully written gymnastics book in history.


Watch this space for the latest news from Rio!


Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Photo Cover: Nadia Boyce

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