Rio Olympics – Qualification Results

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Fourteen hours of gymnastics is a lot to unpack. A good starting point is taking a look at the complete results of the day, from the team, to the all around and the event finals.

Team USA has the most finals spots, with 8: team, two all around (Biles and Raisman), one vault (Biles), two bars (Kocian, Douglas), two beam (Biles and Hernandez) and two floor (Biles and Raisman). They are followed by China who has the team final, two all arounders (Wang Yan and Shang Chunsong) and one gymnast in each event final (vault – Wang, bars – Shang, beam – Yilin, floor – Wang). Russia has six spots – team, two all around (Tutkhalyan, Mustafina) one vault (Paseka) and two uneven bars spots (Mustafina, Spiridonova). Germany has the team final, two all around finals (Seitz, Scheder) and two uneven bars finalists (Seitz, Scheder). Italy has two all around finals (Ferlitto, Ferrari), and two floor finalists (Ferrari, Fasana). Brazil made it into the team final, they secured two all around spots (Andrade, Saraiva) and one event final – beam (Saraiva). Japan have the team final, two all arounders (Teramoto and Murakami) and one event final – floor through Murakami. The Netherlands have the team final, two all around finals (L Wevers, E Thorsdottir) and one spot in event finals – beam (S. Wevers). Great Britan struggled yesterday and thus have the team final, one all around finalist (Ellie Downie) and one event finalist (Tinkler on floor). Canada have two all around finalists (Onyshko, Black) and two event finalists – on vault (Olsen) and beam (Onyshko). For France, Vanhille and Brevet will compete in the all around final and Boyer made it to the beam final.

Other countries to be represented in the events finals are: Switzerland (Giulia Staingruber has the AA, VT and FX finals), Venezuela (Jessica Lopez is in the bars final), Romania (Ponor was 5th for the beam final),  North Korea (Hong Un Jong for vault), India (Dipa Karmakar – vault) and Uzbekistan (Oksana Chusovitina qualified for vault).

Team results:

All around competitors:


Vault results:

Uneven Bars:

Balance Beam:



Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Photo Cover Source : FIG

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