So, What Did I Miss? Rio Olympics Edition (2)

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Updates from the past three days in Olympic gymnastics. So, what did you miss in:


… in schedules, start lists:

Start list for  tonight’s women’s final competition [HERE]

Schedule  for gymnastics at the Rio games [HERE]/ General Olympic Games schedule [HERE]

Also, find the current local time in Rio de Janeiro [HERE]


…in competition results

Women’s Qualifications – team, all around and event finalists [HERE]

Summary by subdivision: one, two, three, four, five

MAG Qualifications – team, all around and event finalists [FX,  PH, SR,VT, PB, HB]

MAG team finals [HERE]


… gymnasts & teams new

Women’s qualification conclusions: US dominant, China and Russia struggle while Brazil emerges [HERE]

MAG gymnast Yuri van Gelder kicked out of the Dutch team for not following the team code of conduct [HERE]

Canada’s Onyshko set to surprise a few after balance beam final and all around final qualification [HERE]

Gabby Douglas has no regrets after Sunday’s prelims [HERE] despite not making AA final, her gymnastics inspires generations [HERE]

The US men, disappointed with the team final 5th place finish after mistakes on floor and high bar [HERE]

US WAG team final line-up; “It’s going to be really difficult to compete against the American team,” Mustafina told the AP. “They are unbeatable at the moment.” [HERE]

Failed beam rotation, mistakes on bars, keep Italy outside of the team finals [HERE]

NBC announcer forced to take back his words on Simone Biles’ parents [HERE]

Anybody watching the NBC feed for the WAG competition? Apparently it’s nothing short of a soap opera [HERE]

Rebeca Andrade‘s Beyonce floor did not go unnoticed, gets a shutout in ELLE [HERE]

Aly Raisman, one step closer to erasing London All Around disappointment [HERE]

On the US program success under **Marta Karolyi **“They had a vision for this,” said Penny. “And Martha loves this job. She’s loved it since the day she started and she still loves it.” [HERE]

“I always tell the girls, we’re competing against ourselves,” Karolyi, 73, said in her distinct Eastern European accent. “We don’t want to beat this or that. But we want to come as close as possible to perfection.” [HERE]

How to talk about a female Olympian and not sound like a creep: Another NBC commentator described the powerhouse US female gymnastics team as looking as though “they might as well be standing in the middle of a mall”. People Magazine called Simone Biles “the Michael Jordan of gymnastics”, as though we can’t possibly comprehend female greatness without a male proxy.  [HERE]

Russia men’s team win their first Olympic team medal in 16 years [HERE]


… in video:

Aliya Musatafina feature:


Canada stays strong despite qualification disappointment:

The US Olympic samba school:



At home with Gabrielle Douglas:

… in qualification routines:

Aliya Mustafina – bars:


Fan Yilin’s beam routine:


Giulia Steingruber floor and Aliya Mustafina beam:

Flavia Saraiva – beam:


…in pictures:

Japan wins MAG gold:


Flavia Saraiva:

Louise Vanhille and Marine Brevet

Rebeca Andrade’s beam mount:

Eythora Thorsdottir’s beam pose:

Team Germany during qualifications:

Catalina Ponor – Olympic objective 50% achieved:

Flavia Saraiva:

Team GB shaking off the qualification disappointments:

Laurie meets Flavia, Sae, Rebeca and Daniele:

Happy athlete and coach, Oksana Chusovitina and Svetlana Boguinskaya:

Team Germany ready to kick butt in the finals:

US alternate Ragan Smith and her coach Kim Zmeskal:

Svetlana with Rhonda Faehn and Marta Karolyi:



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Also, don’t forget to buy Dvora Meyers’ book, The End of the Perfect 10 –  the most well-researched and complex, but also very well written gymnastics book in history.


Stay tuned, more to follow later today with women’s team final!


Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Photo Cover: FIG

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