Doha World Cup: Event Finals

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The tenth FIG ART World Cup in Doha, Qatar, took place March 22-25, where the Chinese contingent claimed three of four titles in the women’s events, the Australian’s performed admirably, and legend’s Oksana Chusovitna and Catalina Ponor kept things interesting.

In the Vault Final, the possibility for medaling opened a bit when the top qualifier, China’s Yan Wang, withdrew due to injury. Uzbekistan’s Oksana Chusovitna claimed gold there with two solid, if not immaculate vaults—a handspring front full (5.4/8.966) and a Tsukahara 1.5 that incurred a 0.1 penalty (5.2/8.866).

She was followed by Australia’s Emily Little, who claimed silver with a DTY that was a bit bent-legged but strong (5.4/9.066) and a solid Tsukahara full (4.8/8.933).

Nabbing the bronze medal was Slovenia’s Teja Belak, who matched Chusovitna and Little in surpassing the 14-mark. She did well to land a handspring front full (5.4/8.766) and followed it up with a much stronger, cleaner, and flightier Yurenchenko 1.5 (5.0/9.000).


In the Uneven Bars Final, certainly the weakest event of the meet, China’s Luo Huan matched her qualification score—a 14.433—to easily secure the title with a lovely routine that featured a Maloney, a Healy to Lin to piked Jaeger, and a solid DLO dismount. Her teammate, Liu Tingting, performed a very similar routine, but after falling on one of her pirouettes and then struggling to regain composure, she placed fourth after qualifying to the event in second place.

With a 13.066, Hungary’s Zsofia Kovacs won the silver medal, and if not for rolling out of her full-in dismount and saving an overcooked handstand, it would have been a not-so-distant second place finish. A solid start value, built on an inbar full, Van Leeuwen, and piked Jaeger, was enough to ward off her closest competitors, who also suffered major mistakes.

Coming in third with a 13.033 was Australia’s Georgia Rose-Brown, who had some trouble finding her rhythm but succeeded in navigating her routine nevertheless, finishing with a solid double front dismount.


In the Balance Beam Final, Liu Tingting stylishly claimed the title, more than making up for her missed routine on bars the day before. She earned a total score of 14.466 with a rather unique routine that showcased a front pike mount, front handspring step-out to front tuck, and front aerial to split ring jump to Korbut. With a seamless flow and little more than a couple wee balance checks, she had the best execution on the event in addition to the highest difficulty (6.1). Her gold was well earned, and her routine is definitely one to search for on youtube.

Wining the silver medal was Romania’s Catalina Ponor, who began with a massive wobble following her LOSO mount, but did very well to regain composure– completing a solid BHS + LOSO, as well as an impressive Onodi to split jump to Omelianchik series. She earned a 13.900 with a 5.8 start value.

With a significantly higher start value, China’s Huan Luo placed third ahead of Australia’s Emily Little, who came in fourth. Luo missed some connections and counted some balance checks (including a big one on her round-off to layout), but she appeared confident despite the missteps. She earned a 13.700 with a 5.7 start value.


In the Floor Final, Liu Tinging picked up her second gold of the day, earning a 13.366 for a routine with a 4.9 start value. With superior execution, she managed to hold off the silver and bronze medalist’s, both of whom had higher D scores. She opened with a triple twist to front tuck, followed by a 2.5 twist that was just barely kept in bounds, and a double tuck to finish strong.

Emily Little showcased some big tumbling to win the silver medal with a 5.1 start value and a total score of 13.133. She opened with a beautiful DLO, followed by a full-twisting double back, front tuck to double tuck, and double pike to finish.

Coming in third place was Croatia’s Ana Derek, who opened with a full-in, followed by a a memmel turn, front tuck to double tuck, and 2.5 twist. With a 5.2 start value, she earned a total score of 12.900.


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Article: Sara Dorrien-Christians

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