2017 London World Cup Results and Recap

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Tabea Alt won her 2nd world cup event of this spring after four beautiful although not faultless routines (and a total of 54.598). At this point Alt is a huge favorite for the gold medal in the all around at the 2017 Euros. In London she started with a clean DTY for a 14.433. On bars she had the best score after a routine with: Stalder, toe on full turn to Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, pike Jaeger, double layout with step 13.833/5.4. On beam she looked very confident in the beginning mounting with a round-off layout to two feet, her side aerial- layout stepout-layout stepout looked gorgeous, as did her switch leap, switch leap half, front aerial to straddle jump, leap to side somi; Alt lost her focus as she went overtime and probably rushed through her dismount incurring a fall on the double pike (12.966/6.0). Her floor was beautifully executed but of relatively low difficulty (her acro passes were full in, double back tuck and double pike) still earning her the highest score on the event: 13.333/5.0.

The silver medal went to Victoria Nguyen from the US. She also did a double twisting Yurchenko vault rewarded with a 14.166/5.4 due to some form issues. On bars she worked really nicely: inbar full, Maloney to Geinger, giant in L grip to layout Jaeger, Pak, Ray, stuck DLO  for a 13.8/5.7. On beam she almost faltered  with two big wobbles, after flick layout stepout- layout stepot and then again on the side aerial to back tuck (almost went off ), other connections looked really well: aerial walkover to split ring jump, the Y turn, the switch leap to Onodi to sheep jump, switch ring leap; she dismounted with a 2 1/2 (12.866/5.8). On floor she received a 13.00 to finish the competition with a total of 53.832.

Amy Tinkler  had two impressive events: vault and bars. She threw a massive and stuck Yourchenko double full (14.6/5.4). On bars she showed good rhythm and clean execution and a little bit of originality with her routine:  toe-on full pirouette, Maloney, Tkachev, Pak, van Leeuwen, Markelov, full in dismount (13.6/5.4). Beam looked extremely tentative and a bit watered down: she put her hands on the apparatus on the Gainer flick – layout stepout combo, then had another big break  after a front aerial, she also did a switch 1/2 jump, back tuck and had a double full dismount (12.00/4.8). Floor was a good event for Tinkler with big tumbling (double double, double layout, front full, double back pike)- 13.233/5.3 and her total was 53.433.

Ana Perez of Spain finished 4th with 53.299 . On vault she did a super-clean full twisting Yurchenko for a 13.6 (4.6). Her uneven bars routine had three releases in a row, pike Jaeger, Church, Ray continued with a  Maloney to Geinger combo and then a full in double layout dismount  (13.833/5.7). In a competitions where everyone else had major errors, Perez also received the highest beam score, a 13.233/5.3.

Angelina Melnikova finished 5th with 52.599. She looked a bit tired, lacking in energy and made mistakes on all events although there was nothing she won’t be able to fix on time for Euros: on bars she had an extra half turn and then took large steps on landing, she also fell on beam (on the layout to two feet) and floor (on the third pass, a full in).

Beautiful to watch as always (but not very clean in the execution of her acro elements), Ilaria Kaeslin finished 6th with 50.699. Her floor routine is a must watch despite the mistakes.

Tisha Volleman was 7th with 50.465. She  executed very well her DTY vault (14.266) and then started the bars rotation with a secure routine of lower difficulty: straddle Jaeger, overshoot to handstand, Ray, full pirouette to full in dismount (12.633/4.5), but had falls on beam and floor.

Liu Jinru was 8th 47.665. She attempted the most difficult vault (Tsuk double full/5.6 D) but crashed it she remained last in the standings after the second rotation on bars, where she peeled off on a transition from low to high bar.


Final rankings:

1 Tabea Alt 54.598 2 Victoria Nguyen 53.832 3 Amy Tinkler 53.433 4 Ana Perez 53.299 5 Angelina Melnikova 52.599 6 Ilaria Kaeslin 50.699 7 Tisha Volleman 50.465 8 Liu Jinru 47.665

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**Article: Bea Gheorghisor **

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