2017 Worlds: Prelims Subdivision 1

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It was not the brightest start of Worlds qualifications but I am very happy to report the hit routine of Georgia Mae Fenton on uneven bars and of Claudia Fragapane on floor. They are already setting the bar really high for qualification in the event finals. Amy Tinkler was amazing on vault but didn’t manage to rise to her usual level on the other events. Still, she leads the all around qualifications with a 52.831 total. The Australian women had many mistakes and were pretty disappointed at the end of the qualifications. Still, Georgia Godwin will likely qualify for the all around final with a 51.874, after hit routines on bars and beam. Ana Perez from Spain unfortunately fell on the full in double layout dismount on her spectacular bars routine but she is still in 2nd place all around at the end of subdivision 1 (52.732). Here are my live notes:

Rotation 1

Cintia Rodriguez (ESP) vault – Yurchenko layout for a12/633/ 4.0

Ana Perez (ESP) vault – Yurchenko double full, with a step forward 14.100

Alice Kinsella (GBR) floor – triple full, 2 ½ to punch front to double tuck, stumbles forward, double pike with two steps back. Nervous start for her 12.966/5.3

Amy Tinkler  (GBR) floor –Opens with an impressive full in layout , Silivas with hop, front layout to front layout full, double pike with hop back. Good routine 13.333/5.5

Claudia Fragapane (GBR) floor – full in layout to stag, double layout to stag (iffy form), double Arabian tiny hop, double pike hop forward 13.933/ 5.7 Very well controlled  and she looks satisfied (big smile).

Georgia Godwin (AUS) floor – double layout, front 1/1 to front 1/1, triple wolf turn, double back chest low and step forward, Memmel, double pike 12.733/5.4

Rianna Mizzen (AUS) floor –  3 wolf turn, punch front connected to double back hands down, Memmel, front 1/1 to punch front, 2 wolf, double pike rolls fwd again 10.033/4.7

Talia Folino (AUS) floor – nice 2 1/2, double back tuck step, Y turn  short, punch front to double full, double pike, hands down 10.166/ 4.6

Agustina Pisos (AUS) beam – flick loso step, aerial, switch leap switch half, side aerial, side somi, check on full turn, round-off 1 1/2


Rotation 2

Alice Kinsella (GBR)  vault – Yurchenko full, chest low lounges outside the lines 13.366

Amy Tinkler (GBR) vault*  – beautiful high Yurchenko 2/1 14.366 Averages 13.98, second vault was 13.6

Georgia Godwin (AUS) vault – Tsuk full, 13.47

Riana Mizzen (AUS) vault – Yurchenko full with messy legs, lots of power hops back 13.366 /4.6

Talia Folino (AUS) vault – pretty clean Yurchenko full/1 13.400/4.6

Cintia Rodriguez (ESP) bars – cast to handstand,  Ray, toe on half, forward giants comes off on Gienger, Bail, full in dismount 11.433 / 4.7

Ana Perez (ESP) bars – Tkachev to Pak, toe on Shaposhnikova  to inbar Gienger, sits on full in layout dismount nooooooo 12.733/5.7

Pamela Ariojas (VEN) bars hopes over the low bar,   1/1 turn, blind change to straddle Jaeger, Ray, double pike with step  11.46/4.2

Milca Leon (VEN) bars – had a nightmare on bars, fell about 4 times, poor thing 5.166  fall on Gienger, Tkachev, another fall (I didn’t see the element) Pak, brushes the floor, ½ turn fwd giant, hits the low bar and falls again, DLO dismount and another fall


Rotation 3

Alice Kinsella (GBR) bars – hit routine with Pike Jaeger, Pak, toe on Shap, Bail, 1/1 turn, Ray, double pike dismount, clean and solid, what we needed 13.533

Georgia Godwin(AUS)  bars another hit routine with Pak, van Leeuwen, blind change to pike Jaeger, stuck double pike dmt 13.0 /5.4

Riana Mizzen (AUS)  bars Tkachev to Pak (bent legs), stops, falls on van Leeuwen, toe on full to immediate full in ☹ 11.866 / 6.0

Talia Folino (AUS)  bars – toe on full, toe on Shaposh to Pak, van Leeuven, blind change to pike Jaeger, double pike dismount 13.2 / 5.0

Amy Tinkler (GBR) bars – problems from the start, corrected her toe on 1/1, toe on Shap, Tkachev to Pack, Van Leeuwen, fell on the next release Markelov, full in dismount 13.066

Georgia-Mae Fenton (GBR) bars Tkachev half to Ejova, toe on Shap, Ricna, fill in dismount  best routine of the night pfew 14.533 / 5.9 Very pleased!

Cintia Rodriguez (ESP) beam 12.066 /4.8

Nora Fernandez (ESP) beam – stepout mount , flick flick loso, ring jump, side somi and she falls switch  ½ side aerial,  ¼ jump falls again, double pike, I feel like she expected much more from this routine

Ana Perez (ESP) beam switch jump, switch ½, back tuck leg comes up, L turn, flick loso, punch front jump, side somi, side aerial, wolf jump, double pike dismount 12.966


Rotation 4

Georgia Godwin (AUS) beam side somi, flick – back pike  full wolf turn, side aerial 2 leaps, switch leap aerial walkover, switch ring leap, round-off double pike 12.666

Riana Mizzen (AUS) beam – fall on mount, triple wolf, flick loso, messy, aerial (check), switch- wolf, side aerial big wobble,  1 ½ W, falls on 2 back tuck 10.166

Talia Folino (AUS) beam punch front, flick – whip – layout to 2 feet, side aerial big check, dismounted with a simple tuck 10.933 / 4.7

Amy Tinkler (GBR)  beam “easy” routine for her but stayed on, loso – loso, aerial walkover to split jump, back tuck, switch half, double 2 /1 messy knees troughout 12.066 /4.9

Alice Kinsella (GBR) beam, wobbly set, falls on side aerial to stepout, 2 ½ twist to dismount 11.2/ 5.0

Fragapane (GBR)  beam –  standing Arabian check, 2 jumps, flick layout big wobble, standing full leg comes up but stays on the beam, double pike w hop 11.933 / 5.1 I know this will be a controversial one but she really wobbled a lot and did not hit any of her splits on leaps and jumps.


Ana Perez (ESP) floor  whip whip full in, front layout to double back, triple full, double pike pretty good 12.966 / 5.0


Article: Bea Gheorghisor

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