2018 Euros: Senior Event Final Qualifications

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In the vault final the gold medal will be disputed between the Cheng of Blglarka Devai (Hungary) and the Rudi of Colline Devillard.

On bars Jonna Adlerteg (Sweden) dominated qualifications from the beginning until the end. Nina Derwael (Belgium) qualified second due to a mistake but she will not repeat it on Sunday. Uliana Perebinosova (Russia) can also score better than in qualifications, while Kim Bui will be ready to redeem Germany’s reputation at these Championships. GeorgiaMae Fenton (Great Britain), who could have also challenged for the gold, sadly did not qualify. Melanie de Jesus dos Santos also made mistakes in qualifications but France is well represented by Juliette Bossu and Loterre Charpy.

On beam, Nina Derwael (Belgium) surprised many and took 1st place in qualifications after having the highest execution score of the day. It will not be easy for her, however: she has the lowest difficulty of the gymnasts qualified for the final, one bobble and she is out of the medals. Also, she will receive a lot of competition from olympic champion Sanne Wevers and and world champion Pauline Schaefer, who had the  4th and 2nd respectively score in qualifications.

On floor, Angelina Melnikova (Russia) will likely present the most difficult routine (5.9 in qualifications) but Melanie de Jesus dos Santos (France) and Axelle Klinckaert (Belgium) will be ready to put up a good fight with their engaging choreo and beautiful execution.

Here are all the results by event:

Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Photo Cover: Thomas Schreyer for UEG

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