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If you have followed us on  Facebook for the past  month you could be  aware that Romania  started off the stage of  intense preparation for  2014 Worlds with a camp  in Sweden, earlier in July.

There, the seniors   (Iordache, Bulimar, Munteanu, Stanila, Zarzu,  Ocolisan and Tudorache) and one junior (Laura Jurca) traveled together with coaches Lacramioara and Cristian Moldovan  and Lucian Sandu.

The Romanians trained together with the Swedish girls and also did some sightseeing. Business, training, leisure, and more training.  Choreographer Adriana Popa also made an appearance and from then on we have been dying to find out who’s got a new floor choreography.



Fast forward two weeks later: TVR, who has always been great at bringing us news from Izvorani, paid one of their regular visits. The result was this short but informative clip:

In the video we see Larisa working on vault, bars (with a decent Van Leeuwen transition from low to high, and then on  beam where the full in looks a bit piked and tucked but still on its way to being ready; then we see Diana Bulimar on floor, vault and beam. Lastly there’s a short feature of Stefania Stanila doing a triple full on floor.


“Iordache will be the one doing the “heavy lifting”, Romania have not won a medal at Worlds since 2007. Larisa wishes to earn an all around medal and then on her favorite event, beam.

Larisa: “there is still work to do on each event, to increase difficulty and to build my confidence on each event”

Relieved of the worries of the Baccalaureat, Diana bulimar is happy: she has a new floor routine and she has overcome her fear of vault which she started having after injuring herself on that event last year at Nationals.

Diana: “I had a small issue but I got over it an I am happy. I got a new floor routine at the last training camp in Sweden and I hope I will manage to do it as fast as possible and as well as possible”

Stefania Stanila has increased her difficulty and will be one of the pillars of the team.

Stefi: “I am sure the team is stronger and we all learnt new elements and I am sure that it will be better”.

In August the girls have their first test, which will be live on TVR.”

In other news, Octavian Bellu and Mariana Bitang have quietly (or not so much if we are talking about it) returned at the helm of the National team. The coaching duo had left the team after the failed COSR (Romanian Olympic Committee ) elections in late May when Octavian Bellu was defeated by Alin Petrache for the position of President of COSR. Those were messy “elections” with a predictable – and tainted- result which left Octavian Bellu upset and bitter. But time heals almost all wound and fortunately B&B chose to leave the disappointment in the past and focus on the important things from here on, so they returned to Izvorani.

Now, back to the training camp in Sweden: the reason for which Laura Jurca was the only junior traveling with big team is that she was selected to represent Romania at the 2nd edition of the Youth Olympic Festival. Laura is following in the footsteps of Diana Bulimar who was Romania’s rep in 2010. The YOG are held later this month in Nanning, China.

Laura’s challenger for the Romanian spot was team mate and friend Andreea Iridon. But ever since 2014 Jr. Europeans in May it became apparent that Laura was a bit ahead with the preparation: at Euros she won a silver medal in the all around, contributed decisively to the team’s bronze medal, and also won a silver on vault.

So, what next?

After YOG ( artistic gymnastics  is scheduled between 17th and 24th of Aug), we will be able to see all the (healthy) gymnasts compete at Romanian Nationals (29-31st August). Then the seniors will have a friendly match against Germany and Switzerland in Obersiggenthal, Switzerland, on the 6th of September.


Many thanks to Lotul Feminin de Gimnastica al Romaniei  the official Facebook page of the Romanian National Team.

We are grateful to TVR too, for uploading the clip on Youtube.


Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Cover Picture: Brigid McCarthy

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