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It’s been a while since our lst “So, What Did I Miss”. Life took charge again.

Here it is – the latest wrap-up of the week in gymnastics:


… in Youth Olympic Games (opening ceremony is today!)

How to Follow the competitions [Link]

Flavia Saraiva interview, post-podium training: “We noticed your nice presentation, are you taking dance classes in order to polish yourself up? Flavia: I am training with an ex-Rhythmic gymnast, Margarita. She is from Russia. We train dance elements and ballet, which I enjoy very much.” [Link]

Ellie Downie feature, via the FIG. [Link]

2010 Youth Olympic Games All-A****rounders – Where are they now? [Link]

Follow the FIG Facebook page for plenty of pics [Link]

Italy’s MAG representative, Andrea Russo, injured in training. [Link]


… in Competition

World Cup series format to be modified: Google translate “From the year 2016, the World Cup series is completely held in the spring,” said Willam.Then Glasgow will be the beginning, followed by the American Cup scheduled in New York and Stuttgart in March as a final station. The date changes date back to the updated annual plan of the FIG, with the world championships wishes future in late autumn only a highlight in the calendar. The exact dates for 2016 are currently still open, also exists in terms of prize money further negotiation needs.” [Link]

All you need to know – A guide to 2014 US Championships [Link]

Calendar of the 2014 Pan Am Championships [Link]

Brazil’s WAG team for the Pan Ams:

Daniele Hypólito Isabelle Cruz Julie Kim Sinmon Leticia Costa Mariana Oliveira Mariana Valentin Maria Cecilia Cruz

2014 Russian Cup preview: “First, in the absence of people like Ksenia Afanasyeva, Anastasia Grishina, and Aliya Mustafina (the first two due to recovery and the third because she’s been given a pass and it’s likely she won’t compete), it’s possible that someone will capitalize enormously, surprising us with an improved all-around performance, much like Tatiana Nabieva did last year. Perhaps this will be the year for Alla Sosnitskaya or Maria Kharenkova.”[Link]

Chetkovich Cup to take place in the 2nd half of October. Tickts here.


… in Interview

Aly Raisman: “In November I was still doing basics and slowly getting back into skills,” said Aly. “Now I’m basically fully back on beam, just haven’t done routines, I do skills separately. I’m working on getting my releases back on bars. [I’m] slowly working on the two and a half on vault. [On] floor I’m working on adding a skill or two and tumbling separately.”  [Link]

Romania’s next generation of Juniors: an interview with the 2001/2002 born Juniors who train at Deva [Link]

A chat with Rebecca and Ellie Downie’s Mum: “Having two gymnasts is very time consuming, stressful at times, and expensive, but to see them happy, successful, and achieving their dreams is the best feeling ever. The worst aspect of the sport is injury and the emotional impact it has on them.” [Link]

Andra Stoica Interview: [At 2014 Euros] I was impressed by Mustafina’s elegance, Becky’s uneven bars connections (like Shaposh  + HindorAndra6ff). In the juniors field I liked Seda’s beam routine and Daria’s bars routine. [Link]


… in News

Diana Bulimar has re-injured her knee and is out for this season [Link]

Jade Barbosa injured her ankle while in Canada, preparing per the Pan Am Championships: “After medical examinations, doctors found the lesion and the need for surgery. There is a prediction of recovery time, which calls into question the participation of the gymnast in World Nanning, China, between 3 and October 12.” [Link]

Bailie Key – out of US Championships with elbow injury. [Link]

Delanie Harkness feature by Gymnastike: “Geddert has many incredible upcoming level 9s and 10s but he says he definitely sees something special in Delanie.” [Link]

Viktoria Komova is ready to do a full set on bars, for better or for worse. Will she be ready for Worlds? [Link]

Two Romanian Gymnasts vying to change Citizenship. Romania is currently left with 6 healthy seniors for 2014 Worlds. [Link]

Abandoned  Athens Olympics venues. 10 years have passed since the games took place in Greece: [Link]

A very interesting translation of a Yao Jinnan feature:  “In 2010, Yao Jinnan was selected into the National Training Team. However, once official training started, coach Wang was dumbfounded—the little girl’s basics were worse than he thought. She could do a few back flips, but they were “circus level.” ” [Link]

Opinion: Did Australia’s strategy for the 2014 Commonwealth Games work?[Link]


… in Video

Mai Murakami training layout double double :


Elsa Garcia – floor:


Bailie Key update:

Watch more videos on Gymnastike


… in Pictures


** **

Aliya Mustafina:







** **










Laura Jurca:




… in Birthday

Diana Chelaru 15-Aug Lilia Podkopayeva 15-Aug Sasa Golob 17-Aug Catalina Ponor 20-Aug Diana Bulimar 22-Aug


That would be all for now!



Article by: Bea Gheorghisor

Photo Cover: Nadia Boyce

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