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Here it is, your weekly/periodical recap of news, pics, interviews and other notable events:



This week-end:

Friendly in Switzerland – Competing there: 

Romania:  Larisa Iordache, Ana Maria Ocolisan, Andreea Munteanu, Silvia Zarzu, Paula Tudorache, Ștefania Stănilă

Switzerland: Caterina Barloggio, Ilaria Käslin, Jessica Diacci, Stefanie Siegenthaler, Laura Schulte, Nadia Mülhauser

Germany: Cagla Akyol, Leah Griesser, Kim Bui, Pauline Schäfer, Sophie Scheder, Lisa Katharina Hill, Elisabeth Seitz.

Schedule and details [Link]/ Where to follow the scores [Link]

Also, The Couch Gymnast will be attending the meet. Follow our Facebook page for live updates and our website for reports.


Novarra Cup in Italy – Competing there:

Italy:  Erika Fasana, Vanessa Ferrari, Alessia Leolini, Lavinia Marongiu, Elisa Meneghini, Lara Mori, Martina Rizzelli

Sweden:  Jonna Adlerteg, Lovisa Estberg, Ida Gustafsson, Emma Larsson, Kim Singmuang, Veronica Wagner, Nicole Wanstroem

Spain: Ainhoa Carmona, Claudia Colom, Marta Costa, Ana Perez, Roxana Popa, Cintia Rodriguez, Paula Vargas

Belgium: Julie Croket, Dorien Motten, Gaelle Mys, Eline Vandersteen, Lisa Verschueren, Lin Versonnen, Laura Waem

Live streaming for the competition [Link]


Past week-end:

Romanian Nationals – All around results [Link], Event finals [Link]

Russia Cup – All around [Link], Team Competition [Link], Vault & Bars [Link], Beam & Floor [Link] – an extraordinary coverage by Sara Dorrien

PanAm Championship – Team results [Link], All Around [Link], Event finals [Link]


… World Teams:

China: Yao Jinnan, Shang Chunsong, Huang Huidan, Tan Jiaxin, Chen Siyi, Bai Yawen, Alternate:Xie Yufen [Link]

Canada: llie Black, Maegan Chant, Isabela Olysko, Jordyn Pedersen, Kirsten Peterman, Victoria kayen Woo, Aleeza Yu [Link]

France: BREVET Marine, CHAMBELLANT Clara, CORMORECHE Manon, DUFOURNET Youna, MARTIN Claire, PLESSIS Maëlys, [Link]

Romania: Larisa Iordache, Andreea Munteanu, Stefania Stanila, Silvia Zarzu, Ana Maria Ocolisan, Paula Tudorache

Russia: Aliya Mustafina, Maria Kharenkova, Daria Spiridonova, Alla Sosnitskaya, Maria Paseka, Ekaterina Kramarenko [Link] have a more complete and constantly updated list [Link]


… News:

On “Controversy 101” – an excellent article from Lauren [Link]

MyKayla Skinner wins four gold medals at the PanAms (team, all around, vault and floor) and probably a sure ticket to Nanjing for the world championships. [Link]

Viktoria Komova on her bars victory at Russia Cup: “I’m very happy, honestly, I didn’t expect to beat Aliya.  I figured she’d win because she’s been competing for so long. It was only a lead of one tenth, but I’m still very happy that I won?  I have been waiting for this a while and hopefully this will be a push for me to continue on” [Link]

Aliya Mustafina: “I was practicing new connections for the World Championships. We also needed to make the girls feel like a team. It wasn’t my intention to win medals here”. [Link]

France’s Valentine Sabatou is out of Worlds contention due to Achilles rupture, suffered at a verification camp [Link]

Azerbaijan will be competing this weekend in Turkey. Their WAG team is now Anna Pavlova, Yulia Inshina, Maria Smirnova, Marina Nekrasova, Anastasia Bolshova [Link]

The rise of British Gymnastics, from Beth to “Tumble”: “Beth started the journey – what she did was inspire hundreds of thousands of little girls.” [Link]

Romanian Nationals – what we are left with when the competition is over: Fangymnastics’ take [Link], Puzzle-gym’s highlights [Link]

Gymcastic: Fallout From Gymnastike’s Handling of Maroney Hack & Tumble Episodes 3 and 4 with special guest Jenni Pinches![Link]

2014 Stella Zakharova – to take place in Kiev on the 10th of September, was cancelled [Link]

Head coach of University of Minnesota, Meg Stephenson, and her husband, former volunteer assistant gymnastics coach Jim Stephenson, have both resigned following investigations into their conduct with team members.[Link]


… Video: 

Report from Russia Cup:

… Pictures:

Ekaterina Kramarenko, Vika Komova, Aliya Mustafina, pic by Sara Dorrien


The Downie “medal factory” – of 2014


This week we say Happy B-Day to:

Marine Debauve 3-Sep-88 Tatiana Goutsu 5-Sep-76 Anna Pavlova 6-Sep-87 Elsabeth Black 8-Sep-95 Daniele Hypolito 8-Sep-84 Gina Gogean 9-Sep-77


That would be all for now!


Article by: Bea Gheorghisor

Photo Cover: Nadia Boyce

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