Leotard Fashion Police: Baku Euro Games

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The leotard fashion at the Baku was not particularly newsworthy because many of the pieces were repeats from previous competitions. Still, there were a couple of new appearances and some interesting or catchy leotards we have not featured and discussed in the past.

Let’s hear it from the ‘judges’:

Emma MoominWhiskey – author of MoominWhisky Meets and regular at Gymcastic

TCG’s Sara Dorrien

and yours truly, Bea

Enjoy and leave a comment, if you have any other favorites or if you disagree with us, but also if you just want to tell us what your favorite leotard is:


Tutya Ilmaz


Andreea Iridon


Giulia Steingruber

Tea Ugrin


Aliya Mustafina


Georgina Hockenhull


Celine van Gerner


Edited by: Bea Gheorghisor

Photos via: UEG on Facebook, Zimbio and Getty Images

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