So, What Did I Miss? Rio Olympics Edition (1)

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A quick recap of the last two days with video from podium training, team news (cough USA cough), schedules, interview, pictures:

So what did I miss?

… in schedules, start lists:

Start list for men’s qualification competition [HERE]

Steaming schedule, on BBC [HERE]

Schedule  for gymnastics at the Rio games [HERE]/ General Olympic Games schedule [HERE]

Also, find the current local time in Rio de Janeiro [HERE]


… in 2016 Rio Games multisport and news:

Opening ceremony best moments: [HERE] and a step by step summary [HERE]

The opening fireworks:

“In the hills that hug Maracana Stadium, many Brazilians saw the flash and glitz of the opening ceremony for the Olympics from rooftops with exposed wiring and water pipes” [HERE]

On the Russian ban, Rio Olympics controversies:


… in gymnasts & teams news:

GymCastic: WAG Podium training wrap-up [HERE], MAG podium training summary [HERE]

The IOC has cleared for competition 20 Russian gymnasts [HERE]

US podium training notes, via the Balance Beam situation. For the US it was “Just another casual podium training with zero falls. You know, like no other country has.” [HERE]

Laurie Hernandez – is Marta really “robbing” her of the all around spot, or was it the domestics scoring that inflicted unrealistic expectations and heartbreak ? [HERE] and the ESPN analysis of the USA selection situation [HERE]

Gabrielle Douglas looked at podium training better than what we’s seen from her this year, the secret: [HERE]

FIG: best of podium training quotes from gymnasts [HERE]

Laurie Henandez refutes report of injury [HERE]

Summary of the podium training for Russia [HERE]

via HuffPo: Why do we really follow women’s gymnastics [HERE]

Ellis O’Reilly, the first gymnast to represent Ireland at the Olympics [HERE]

via IG: Five gymnasts flag bearers at the opening ceremony [HERE]

Canada’s Ellie Black, a “contender” for medals, if not one of the favorites [HERE]

Aly Raisman and Marta, casually playing table tennis [HERE]

USA: Steve Penny’s statement on the alleged USAG cover up of abuse [HERE]

Five myths about gymnastics, with Dvora Meyers [HERE]

Catalina Ponor has made several attempts to give up her addiction but, no matter how hard the Romanian tries, she cannot cope with the withdrawal symptoms of life without gymnastics.” [HERE]

New Zealand gymnastics coach Mary Wright reaches Olympic goal 40 years after Montreal [HERE]


... in interview:

Olga Korbut interview “Nobody known me before the Olympics and nobody care about gymnastics before that. But after first, second day, I heard in the radio, I heard on TV, my name. I didn’t speak German or English. And everybody in the Olympic village congratulate me, hugging me, all athletes. ” [HERE]

**Larrissa Miller **spoke of how an abusive past had made her stronger as she heads into her second Olympics in Rio. [HERE]

Dominique Dawes won’t be defined by her Olympic medals [HERE]


… podium training video:

Watch podium training videos from all subdivisons on gymnastics_planet

China’s podium training was not the best, especially Shang Chunsong who feels ill:

Flavia Saraiva, beam during PT:

Aliya Mustafina, beam:

Hong Un Jong TTY:

Rebeca Andrade, Amanar on vault:

Aliya Mustafina – FX upgrades break down:

More team Brazil podium training videos can be found HERE

A couple of German PT videos can be found HERE


… in pictures:

the Dutchies were in orange for the PT, but why the long faces?

Team France, podium training checked:

The GB podium training leo was interesting too:

Jessica Lopez, enjoying her Olympics:

Giulia Steingruber was the Swiss flag bearer during the opening ceremony:

Marian forces Aliya to smile:

Mix group 7 for qualifications:

The US girls were interviewed by Ryan Seacrest:

US podium training crew:



Lastly, here is a list the blogs and websites we love and follow:

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Spanny Tampson’s big fake smile

Also, don’t forget to buy Dvora Meyers’ book, The End of the Perfect 10 –  the most well-researched and complex, but also very well written gymnastics book in history.


Stay tuned, more to follow tomorrow when the women take the stage in qualifications!


Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Photo Cover: John Cheng via USA Gymnastics

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