Rio Olympics WAG Qualifications: Subdivision 1

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Competing in this first subdivision:

Mix Group 7 Chile (Simona Castro), Turkey (Tutya Yilmaz), Croatia (Ana Derek), Australia (Larrissa Miller), Uzbekistan (Oksana Chusovitina);

Belgium Senna Deriks, Nina Derwael, Rune Hermans, Gaelle Mys, Laura Waem

China:  Fan Yilin, Mao Yi, Shang Chunsong, Tan Jiaxin, Wang Yan

Mix Group 1: Jamaica (Toni-Ann Williams), Panama (Isabella Amado), South Korea (Ju Lee Eun), Ireland (Ellis Oreilly) and North Korea (Hong Un Jong);


Rotation 1:

Vault: Oksana Chusovitina – Rudi with abig step back  and then a very good Tsuk double (14.999 the average)

Bars: Rune Hermans (13.775/5.8), Senna Deriks (13.533/ 5.9), Nina Derwael (15.133 for a hit routine out of a massive 6.6 difficulty), Laura Waem (14.133/6.3)

Beam: Wang Yan – a wobbly but hit routine (pike front, switch ring leap, round off layout to two, triple full with step) 14.1/6.2 , Shang Chunsong (14.366/6.2), Fan Yilin (14.866/6.4) – round-off layout to two feet, switch ring leap, sheep jump, leap side somi, switch leap side aerial, triple full dismount; only three routines for China today, but they were all hits.

Floor: Toni-Ann Williams – 13.200/5.4, Isabella Amado (mounts with double layout) -12.866/, Eun Ju Lee (12.566/4.7), Ellis O’Reilly (11.466/4.5), Hong Un Jong – 1 1/2 to double full, whip whip whip simple layout, double back tuck, 2 1/2  – 12.533/5.2


Rotation 2:

Vault: Lee Eun Ju – layout Yurchenko – 12.8/4.0, Hong Un Jong 15.683 average for two great vaults – Amanar and Cheng,

Bars: Tutya Yilmaz (12.166/4.9), Larrissa Miller (14.533/6.1), Simona Castro (12.833/4.8)

Beam: Nina Derwael – she is beautiful on this event, it feels like she leaps for hours. switch leap, ring leap, front walkover to split leap, almost goes off on acro series (slick flick layout stepout) – 13.966/5.8, Rune Hermans 13.700/5.7, Laura Waem 13.966/5.8, Gaelle Mys 13.833/5.7

Floor: Fan Yilin 13.500/5.3, Wang Yan – Silivas, 1 1/2 to double full to puch front, 2 1/2 to 1/2, double pike to finish  – 14.666/6.3 , Mao Yi  2/12 to pike front (oob),  1 1/2 to 1 1/2 falls,  2 1/2 to front half, double back – 11.7/5.3, Shang Chunsong –  3 1/2 to pike front,  1 1/2 to triple full to punch front, 2 1/2 to pike half, double pike 14.100/6.3.


Rotation 3:

Vault: Mao Yi 13.817, Wang Yan – Tsukahara step back (14.933) and a Rudi with some more execution issues – 14.966, Tan Jiaxin (14.766), Shang Chunsong (12.766)

Uneven bars: Lee Eun Ju (13.5/5.4), Ellis O’Reilly, Toni-Ann Williams (11.533/4.4)

Balance Beam: Ana Derek, Oksana Chusovitina (flick loso,bunch front, wolf turn, double back tuck )- 13.3/5.2, Tutya Yilmaz 14.5/6.3

Floor: Laura Waem clean floor routine – triple full, double back tuck, Nina Derwael – 13.533/5.2, Rune Hermans – 13.900/5.4, Gaelle Mys –  2L turn, 2 1/1 front to punch front, double back, Y turn, stuck double pike 13.566/5.2


Rotation 4:

Vault: Gaelle Mys, Nina Derwael, Senna Deriks Yurchenko full, Rune Hermans

Uneven Bars: Wang Yan 13.900/5.5, Shang Chunsong – hit routine with Shang Chunsong to Pak, Shaposh, full in dismount 15.3/6.7, Fan Yilin – amazing routine 15.266/6.9 , Tan Jiaxin 14.600/6.4

Beam: Ellis O’Reilly, Toni-Ann Williams, Isabella Amado, Lee Eun Ju

Floor: Larrissa Miller – double front tuck a bit low, 1 1/2 to 2 /1, double Arabian, double Y turn, 2 1/2 to pucngh front fall – 12.733, Simona Castro, Tutya Yilmaz, Ana Derek – full in oob, Memmel, double tucked stuck, 2 1/2 step fwd,

Here are the results after the first subdivision:

All around:

Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Photo Cover: Nadia Boyce

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