Rio Olympics WAG Qualifications: Subdivision 3

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Competing in this subdivision:

Mix Group 8:  Slovakia (Barbora Mokosova), Guatemala (Ana Sofia Gomez), Suedia (Emma Larsson), India (Dipa Karmakar) si Vietnam (Thanh Phan Thi Ha).

Great Britain: Ellie Downie, Amy Tinkler, Ruby Harrold, Becky Downie, Claudia Fragapane

Brazil: Rebeca Andrade, Jade Barbosa, Danielle Hypolito, Lorrane Oliveira, Flavia Saraiva;

Germany: Elisabeth Seitz, Tabea Alt, Kim Bui, Pauline Schaefer, Sophie Scheder

The three teams competing in this rotation (Germany, Great Britain and Brazil) had planned very ambitious programmes, which were delivered to various degrees of success. Despite the different levels of content at the end of qualifications, the three finished withing .8 of each other and look like locks for team finals qualifications.

Here are results and impressions by rotation:

Rotation 1

Vault:, Ana Sofia Gomez – DTY with messy legs and bent knees but controlled 14.766, Emma Larsson (14.066), Dipa Karmakar – Produnova brushed the mat but quickly got up 15.100/7.0 and Tsuck double full (14.6/6.0), Thanh Phan Thi Ha DTY for 14.7 and and a second vault out of 5.0 for an average of 14.233.

Uneven bars was a mixed bag for team GB, with improved routines but also very hurtful mistakes:  Claudia Fragapane (12.533/5.7), Ellie Downie (14.633/6.3), Becky Downie – hit the high bar with her foot on pike Tkachev, the rest of the routine was hit – 15.233/6.8, Ruby Harrold – cleaner routine than we’ve seen lately from her 14.800/6.2

Balance beam: Brazil started their competition on a very, very high note. Danielle Hypolito – step out mount (wobble), flick- flick- layout to two feet, messy but stays on , switch ring leap, ring leap, L turn to full turn, solid pike stuck to dismount , Jade Barbosa (13.600/5.5),  Rebeca Andrade (14.200/5.7). As we had hoped, Flavia Saraiva hit her routine and delivered the home crowd the most exciting moment of the day so far:  flick loso loso, round-off layout to two, leap series, switch ring leap, sheep jump, aerial walkover – aerial walkover – side somi, double pike dismount – big routine 15.133/6.3

Floor: Elisabeth Seitz 13.666/5.3, Sophie Scheder – Memmel, steps back, full in, triple turn, double pike, hop back,  tour jete,  2 1/2 twists 13.266/5.2 , Pauline Schaefer (14.3/5.7), Kim Bui (13.766/5.6)


Rotation 2:

Vault: Elisabeth Seitz FTY with hop back 14.1, Sophie Scheder (13.966/5.0), Tabea Alt – DTY for 14.833 (5.8), Pauline Schaefer (14.400).

Uneven bars:  Ana Sofia Gomez (13.766/5.9), Emma Larsson (12.766/5.2), Dipa Karmakar (11.666/4.5), Barbora Mokosova (13.800/5.3)

Balance beam: Amy Tinkler – 14.5/6.2, Ellie Downie – punch front,  hit standing Arabian, split lip switch half, double turn, flick layout stepout, side aerial,  2 1/2 dismount 14.500/5.9; Claudia Fragapane (13.400/6.5) Becky Downie – off on the first element (punch front), side aerial to layout stepout,  side somi, double pike dismount 13.300/5.8

Floor: Daniele Hypolito DLO hop back, 2 1/2 to front layout fall, dismounts with whip double pike, Jade Barbosa (13.733/5.9), Rebeca Andrade – full in,  2 1/2 to front full, Y turn, double pike hop back, double back pike (14.033/5.7); Flavia Saraiva – 14.033/5.6;


Rotation 3:

Vault: Lorrane Oliveira DTY step back (14.933/5.8), Flavia Saraiva (14.633/5.8), Jade Barbosa (14.900/5.8), Rebeca Andrade Amanar slightly low and with a step forward 15.566/6.3

Uneven bars: Tabea Alt (14.666/5.9), Sophie Scheder – hit routine, tiny step on full in dismount 15.433/6.6, Elisabeth Seitz (15.466/6.6), Kim Bui (14.800/6.3)

Balance beam: Emma Larsson (14.00/5.8), Dipa Karmakar (12.866/5.3), Thanh Phan Thi Ha (13.800/6.0), Barbora Mokosova (12.033/5.1), Ana Sofia Gomez – flick back tuck full stuck, fantastic routine for her with lots of difficult tumbling and hit leaps, hands down on the double pike dismount though – 13.400/6.2

Floor: Ruby Harrold (13.633/ 5.4), Amy Tinkler (14.600/6.3), Elissa Downie (12.500/5.4), Claudia Fragapane full in double layout, Araian double front to stag, triple full, double layout on the last pass, a good steady routine but a lot of form breaks for her – 14.333/6.2


Rotation 4:

Vault: Ruby Harrold – DTY for 14.6/5.8, Claudia Fragapane, Amy Tinkler – DTY step back 14.833, Elissa Downie DTY with a hop back (14.833/5/8) she also did stretched Podkopayeva (out of 5.6), average for the event qualification was 14.683.

Uneven bars: Lorrane Oliveira (14.158/5.8), Jade Barbosa (14.266/6.1), Flavia Saraiva (12.733/5.4),  Rebeca Andrade – Maloney, stalder full to Tkachev to Pak salto, van Leeuwen, pike Jaeger, toe on ful to immediate full in dismount – 14.933/6.3

Beam: Elisabeth Seitz – punch front, flick back pike side somi, aerial, sissone, double turn, side aerial, Auerbach to dismount 13.866/5.6, Tabea Alt (14.233/6.0), Pauline Schaefer –  switch leap, flick -loso, aeraial walkover, side somi,  double turn Schaefer, big wobble, split leap to sheep jump, Auerbach to dismount (14.400/6.0), Sophie Scheder,

Floor: Dipa Karmakar (12.033/5.2), Barbora Mokosova (13.033/4.8), Ana Sofia Gomez (12.900/5.8), Emma Larsson – double layout, full in, huge double back tuck, double pike step back  (13.5/5.7)

Here are the team and all around intermediate results after the 3rd subdivision:


Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Photo Cover: Nadia Boyce

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