Rio Olympics WAG Qualifications: Subdivision 2

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Competing in the 2nd subdivision:

Italy: Erika Fasana, Carlotta Ferlito, Vanessa Ferrari, Elissa Meneghini and Martina Rizzeli

Mix Group 5:  Columbia (Elena Escobar Gomez), Belarus (Kylie Dickson), Argentina (Ailen Valente), Algeria (Farah Boufadene) si Armenia (Houry Gebeshian);

Russia: Angelina Melnikova, Aliya Mustafina, Maria Paseka, Daria Spiridonova si Seda Tuthkalyan;

Mix Group 6: Romania (Catalina Ponor), Austria (Lisa Ecker), Elvetia (Giulia Steingruber), Ungaria (Zsofia Kovacs) si Spania (Ana Perez);


Rotation 1:

Vault: Elisa Meneghini 14.166, Vanessa Ferrari a great DTY for Italy 14.533 , Martina Rizzelli – 14.533 another serviceable DTY, Carlotta Ferlito – 14.300

Uneven bars: Catalina Escobar (13.058/5.4),  Kylie Dickson (12.833/5.5), Ailen Valente (13.033/5.4), Farah Boufadene (12.2/5.0), Houry Gebeshian (13.666/5.0)

Balance beam:  Angelina Melnikova – 13.266/5.9, Seda Tutkhalyan 14.466/6.1, Aliya Mustafina – double turn ok, some missed connections looked fine if slow on Onodi, aerial walkover puts hands down for connection with another forward element but falls down, double tuck dismount 13.033/5.3, Daria Spiridonova – saves Russia’s face with an amazing routine, tiny wobbles here an there but great work overall – 14.266/5.8,

Floor: Catalina Ponor – double layout, whip full in, triple full, double pike (14.2/5.9), Lisa Ecker (13.266/5.5), Giulia Steingruber an almost perfect routine for her – Silivas, full in layout, full in 14.666/6.2, Zsofia Kovacs (12.766/5.5), Ana Perez (13.133/5.6)


Rotation 2:

Vault:  Giulia Steingruber (amazing Rudi 15.6, DTY and a big grin – 14.933), Zsofia Kovacs  (great, clean DTY 14.866 / Tsukahara full 14.158)

Uneven bars: Team Italy saved their best bars rotation for the Olympic qualifications, so far they look like they will kill the competition with consistency: Martina Rizzelli (14.033/5.9), Vanessa Ferrari 13.866/ 5.8, Carlotta Ferlito – clean routine full in dismount 14.033/5.6, Erika Fasana: toe on full, Maloney, toe on Tkachev, Tkachev, Bail, double layout dismount 14.2/5.9

Balance beam:  Kylie Dickson (10.033/3.9), Ailen Valente (11.366/5.0), Farah Boufadene (10.600/4.9), Houry Gebeshian (13.266/4.9), Catalina Escobar (10.200/4.9)

Floor: Seda Tutkhalyan DLO stays in, barely, whip whip double pike,  1 1/2 to full, wolf turn, double back tuck, hop back – 13.875/5.8 , Angelina Melnikova 13.200/6.0, Aliya Mustafina (14.066/5.7), Daria Spiridonova (falls on the opening tumbling – 2 1/2 to punch front – 12.033/5.0)


Rotation 3

Vault: Angelina Melnikova – good DTY for a 14.933, Aliya Mustafina (DTY – 15.166), Seda Tutkhalyan a DTY with some bent knees, followed by layout Podkopayeva, Maria Paseka – a very messy Cheng vault some steps to the side – 14.733 as 2nd vault she hits a much better Amanar – 15.366 for an average of 15.049

Uneven bars: Giulia Steingruber – made it through her bars set without big breaks although there wre some handstand issues (13.900/5.9), Zsofia Kovacs (14.733/6.3), Ana Perez (13.633/5.9), Lisa Ecker (13.266/5.5)

Balance beam: Erika Fasana (12.933/5.8), Vanessa Ferrari – flick flick back full completely off, leap to fron walkover, switch ring leap, double pike dismount 12.00/4.9, Carlotta Ferlito- aerial walkover to sheep jump, flick flick layout to two feet, side aerial, switch ring leap, double pike with steps (13.233/5.9) Elisa Meneghini – 14.166/5.7

Floor: Ailen Valente (12.00/4.9), Farah Boufadene (11.100/4.6), Houry Gebeshian (12.900/4.8), Catalina Escobar – fell on a double layout and injured her foot, could not continue the routine, Kylie Dickson 10.766/4.0


Rotation 4:

Vault: Farah Boufadene (12.533), Houry Gebeshian (14.016), Kylie Dickson 13.866, Ailen Valente (13.666)

Uneven bars: Angelina Melnikova (15.100), Daria Spiridonova – flawless on her uneveb nars routine – toe on full, Maloney, pike Tkachev, Pak, van Leewuven, full in dismount stuck 15.683 / 6.7, Aliya Mustafina 15.833/6.9, Seda Tutkhalyan

Balance beam:  Zsofia Kovacs (12.233/5.3), Ana Perez (13.600/5.6), Catalina Ponor – switch ring leap, Ontodi to fron aerial to flick to layout to two feet, switch half pause,  flick with full tun, Omelianchik, turn, double pike step back (14.900/6.2), Lisa Ecker (13.4/5.6), Giulia Steingruber – aerial walkover to sissone to wolf turn,   flick layout stepout, punch front, switch half falls, full turn, Auerbach full 12.733/5.5.

Floor: Elisa Meneghini –  double layout, full in stuck, whicp whip double tuck stuck, double pike stuck 14.233/5.6, Vanessa Ferrari – hit routine with full in and double layout 14.866/6.2, Erika Fasana 14.333/6.1, Carlotta Ferlito (14.033/5.5)

Here are the results after two rotations – for the team final qualifications:


All around qualifications:


Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Photo Cover: Nadia Boyce

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