2017 Worlds: Prelims Subdivision 3

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Literally 10 seconds into the warm-up, the biggest shock of the day was produced: the favorite Larisa Iordache was out of the all around with injury. As her first warm-up move, she did a couple of whips and then flew to her back, without breaking. At the edge of the floor mat she looked like she was holding her knee. (The Romanian Federation later confirmed it was actually an Achilles’ tear, not the knee). What I saw was that she entered the arena super pumped, was jumping around before going on the the floor for the warm-up, super -high energy. So it could be anything – either stress that accumulated over time due to her sole/heel injury and the way she’s been using her leg, in this case it would have probably snapped during the routine – or that she was super tense and she stepped badly.

The rotation itself went better only in the sense that no one was injured. But both Romania (what was left of the team with Ioana Crisan and Catalina Ponor) and the Netherlands had a terrible qualifications.

At the end of the meet Ioana Crisan,was fine, she said he did not see what happened to Larisa and did not have time to think so it was better she competed quickly. She was generally pleased with the comp. Catalina was a bit sad but good; she knows too well that she has nothing to prove. She said she wanted to compete with the whole arsenal. It seemed like there was no room for regret once the risk was taken. Both were generally fine, had the strength to show a few smiles and little jokes.

The Dutch ladies were also gutted for having performed in an underwhelming manner.

Only Giulia Steingruber seemed somewhat happy to her performance after managing one of the top all around totals and the 2nd highest average on vault.

Here are the notes taken during the competition:

Rotation 1

Ioana Crisan (ROU) floor – 1 ½ to double back, good, solid full in, iffy switch leap, punch front, to double full, double pike with tiny step, well done! Larisa Iordache (ROU) floor 12.80

Catalina Ponor (ROU) floor full in layout, whip whil double tuck, puch front to double pike,  2 ½ some form issues 13.266/5.3

Lieke Wevers (NED) beam – layout mount, falls on side aerial or side somi  11 166.

Eythora Thorsdottir (NED) beam – good on acro series, Ilusion turn, aerial walkover, great turn series, double  full with chest low, 12.833

S Wevers (NED) beam layout 2 L big wobble, good acro series, aerial stops, great turn series, layout gainer full with step wfd, the routine itself was a hit but the connections were extremely slow, her difficulty score will suffer 12.733/5.0

Ilaria Kaeslin (SUI) floor – ½ to punch front, double back tuck, double full with step, 2 L turn 12.233/4.6

Giulia Steingruber (SUI) floor layout full (close to the line), DLO with small bounce, double back tuck, OOB, stuck double pike 13.266/5.5


Rotation 2

Ioana Crisan (ROU) vault nicely controlled FTY

Giulia Steingruber (SUI) vault great Rudi 15.1/5.8, lands the DTY pretty low but controlled

Tisha Volleman (NED) floor  2 turn to 2 , whip full in hands down, double full, 1 ½ to punch front  11.566/4.5

Eythora Thorsdottir (NED) floor  3/1 to punch front, double back tuck. 2 L turn,  whip whip 2 ½ and she stumbles hard out of it stepping out of bounds. It had bean a great sent until then  13.033/ 5.2 (0.3 neutral deduction)


Subdivision 3

Tisha Volleman (NED) 13.900 for DTY and Lopez

Ioana Crisan (ROU) uneven bars: hit routine for the little Romanian, much cleaner than in previous comp, she did a nice toe on Shap, Pak, straddle Tkachev, double layout dismount. Promising routine for 12.6/4.9

Ilaria Kaeslin (SUI) bars clear hip 1/1 to Tkachev, blind change and falls on Jaeger, bail, double pike dismount

Giulia Steingruber (SUI) bars – a hit set but with lots of execution errors, very close and messy legs on the Gienger


Subdivision 4

Vctoria Mata (MEX) floor tourjete, full in with chest low and step, double pike, nice, punch front to double full, double back tuck nice effort 11.966 / 4.5

Garcia (MEX) floor  DLO very high front layout front layout 1/1 12.466/4.9

Sanne Wevers (NED) bars 13.8/5.1

Kaeslin (SUI) beam  switch ring leap, a-mazing, flick flick loso switch leap, back handspring 1/1 leap to Onodi, aerial walkover, 2 jumps, double full

Giulia Steingruber (SUI) beam punch front leg comes off, flick loso, big wobble, switch leap side somi,  gainer full dismount, very wobbly set,  11.933/5.2

Ioana Crisan (ROU) beam two falls unfortunately, on the layout to two feet and on the double tuck dismount, she seemed much more comfortable when she had the pike dismount.

Catalina Ponor (ROU) beam layout to two feet and falls on the dismount. flick loso loso looked great, her signature moves looked great – Onodi to leap, Ring jump. Switch ring leap did not go so well, huge wobble and touched the beam. High and well controlled double pike dismount. Low 12’s score for her



Article: Bea Gheorghisor

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