2017 Worlds: Prelims Subdivision 4

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The start of the subdivision was Melanie de Jesus dos Santos. She was impressive on bars right of the bat with a routine of 14.5, opened her floor with a beautiful full in in stretched position, went on to have a clean Yurchenko double full and a secure beam set. She was sitting comfortably in 2nd all around at the end of the rotation.

Still, the 4th subdivision was marked by more mistakes from favorites: Boyer on beam, Devillard on vault, Alt and Bui on bars. There were also some positive highlights: Germany’s beam rotation although not the most difficult was clean and the routines well rewarded by the judges. Vanessa Ferrari delivered an impressive floor routine opening with an immense double double, while Lara Mori was the the Lara Mori we had always expected, with a good all around performance (despite a fall on beam) and some of the best execution scores in the competition.

Here are my live notes:

Rotation 1

Marine Boyer (FRA) bars 13.200/4.9

Lorette Charpy (FRA) bars  falls on Jeger, Pak, van Leeuwen, DLO with step

Elizabeth Seitz (GER) vault hops out of the FTY 13.6

Tabea Alt (GER) vault messy DTY chest low  14.2

Melanie de Jesus dos Santos (FRA) bars hit an impressively clean routine with rhythm and polish: Chow, Tkachev to Pak, van Leeuwen, Stalder ½, full in layout dismount. Difficult and gorgeous 14.5/5.8

Zsofia Kovacs (HUN) beam 11.533/5.3

Vanessa Ferrari (ITA) beam – opens with a combo of turn in L to full turn and a tiny adjustment already, flick flick back tuck full, unfortunately the leg comes up, a very hesitant switch half, ring leap, ring jump (the leaps will not get the credit, the front leg was not high enough) round-off double pike stuck 12.266/5.4

Lara Mori (ITA) beam falls on mount, flick layout stepout – layout stepout, switch ½, wolf jump, side aerial, full Y turn, switch ring leap, round-off to 2 1/2 twitsts


Subdivision 2

Kim Bui (GER) bars  brushes floor on Pak, the rest of the routine was very clean. A very unfortunate opening 14.233/6.0

Tabea Alt (GER) muscled her way out of the Zuchold half and did not have the swing to go back on the high bar from it. Peels off.

Melanie de Jesus dos Santos (FRA) beam – punch front mount, punch front to leap, layout solid, switch ring leap , a bit slow, double tuck. Looks great! 13.2 (beam judging was very severe)

Elizabeth Seitz (GER) bars – Ricna, Jaeger, pike Tkachev, van Leeuwen, full in. Great routine! 14.7/6.1

Marine Boyer (FRA) beam double wolf, round off  layout to two feet after which she falls

Ferrari (ITA) floor Dramatic Carmina Burana music. She starts with an impressive double double (with hop), followed by a stuck double layout, stuck full in, stumbles after leap, front layout full with lounge fwd, good routine 13.6/5.7

Desiree Carofiglio (ITA) floor excellent double front, bounces out of the double tuck and puts hands down, such a shame she was having a great time.

Lara Mori (ITA) floor impressive save on 2 ½ she was falling backwards, leg went up but saved it, nice full in, a barely squeezed double layout, triple full with crossed legs 13.5/5.6

Zsofia Kovacs (HUN) floor  – opens with a good double layout, full in, almost stuck,  2 ½ to punch front with fall; it was too low ☹

Charpy (FRA) beam loso mount, flick layout stepout layout stepout, double wolf turn, turn side aerial to switch leap, switch half.  Aerial, stops, round-off double pike. Good set. Some missed connections. 12.666


Subdivision 3

Sara Berardinelli (ITA) vault good FTY with hop back

Pauline Schaefer (GER) beam great combo to start mount to leap to turn, amazing series floc- loso, ring leap looked solid, double turn, small adjustment on Schffer, will not get areal to leap but still looks good side aerial, good gainer layout 13.433/5.3

Lorette Charpy (FRA) floor falls on the first  2 ½ to punch front, was never going to make it, front full, double back tuck 11.400/5.0

Tabea Alt (GER) beam lots of small checks but nice form overall, leap to side somi looked great, wobbled on choreo even, double back tuck 13.533

Desiree Carofiglio (ITA) vault lands Y 1 ½ She will be happy about that.

Zsofia Kovacs (HUN)  vault attempted am Yurchenko double full but didn’t make it all the way round, sat what was credited as an Yurchenko 1 1/2.

Boglarka Devai (HUN) vault 13.9/5.4 for her DTY  and 13.766 for Lopez

Elisabeth Seitz (GER) beam 11.2 / 4.8

Marine Boyer (FRA) floor almost sits 2 ½ to punch front,  double back tuck, double pike stumbles fwd. Not a good routine I am afraid.

Melanie de Jesus dos Santos (FRA) floor –  she looked great, only an OOB on the first pass: full in stretched, full in tuck, front layout full, double back tuck, impressive form


Subdivision 4

Marine Boyer (FRA) vault stuck full twisting Yurchenko 13.633

Melanie de Jesus dos Santos (FRA) vault 14.5 for her double twisting Yurchenko

Coline Devillard (FRA) vault  averages 13.733 after falling on Rudi, followed by a very good double Yurchenko as a second vault

Sara Berardinelli (ITA) bars – hit routine, a bit close to the bar on Tkachev and on double pike dismount

Lara Mori (ITA) bars – as good as it gets for Mori, nice form, some handstand issues the DLO dismount too close 13.466/5.3

Desiree Carofiglio (ITA) bars 11.066/ 5.3 with fall

Jonna Adlerteg (ITA) bars layout Jaeger, pike Tkachev and fall, she also gave up on her double layout dismount which will probably not get credited 12.266/5.7

Elizabeth Seitz (GER) floor  double back hop back, nice double pike, double full, ok routine but not much difficulty  12.5/4.4

Tabea Alt (GER) floor double back tuck, bounces back, double pike with form issues 12.933/4.8

Pauline Schaefer (GER) floor – clean set  front double full,  double pike w hop forward 12.9/4.8

Kovacs (HUN) bars – stalder, toe on 1/1, toe Shap to Pak, van Leeuwen, pike Jaeger, double back tuck dismount. Clean set! 13.766/ 5.1


Article: Bea Gheorghisor

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