2018 Euros: Senior Team Final Quick Hits

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The 2018 Euros Team Final is starting with the presentation of the gymnasts: team Ukraine followed by Spain and Hungary. Nothing crazy. The Netherlands show up and, surprise, they decided not to do anything special. Who is this team? Are they after a medal or something? Team GB get introduced and they take a little synchronized bow. Then Italy is introduced (4 gymnasts only, no Sofia Busato), they replaced Belgium. Russia enter the arena and of course the favorite France.

Rotation 1:



Osipova (FX): full in pike, full in tuck, beautiful lines, punch front tuck to double back tuck, very low, double back pike, also a bit low. 12.333

Simm (UB): strong work on the high bar with toe on Tkachev and pike Tkachev, nice in Ejova, messy legs on DLO 13.866

Simakova (VT): Rudi with low chest and crossed legs  14.288

Akhaimova (VT): Rudi, a little better than Simakova

Boeczoego (BB): good start with aerial walkover, side somi, switch ring leap, RO- double back pike with hop forward  13.100

GM Fenton (UB): a very good routine, superior to qualifications 14.100

Melnikova (VT): double twisting Yurchenko  small step to the side, crossed legs 14.366

Feher (BB): Y turn, flick loso, aerial walkover with big check, side aerial, works slowly and stops a lot, split leap to side somi with huge wobble, front full dismount 12.166

van Pol (BB): flick loso with step side jump, she is off on Omelianchik, she looked very tentative from the beginning, side somi, finishes well. This could be devastating for the Netherlands 11.366

Boyer (VT): Nice form in FTY but landed deviated to the side 13.600

Careghetti (UB): peels off on the turn right from the start, continues and then stops again… 10.166

Melanie DJDS (VT): not too happy big bounce from the DTY

Sanne Wevers (BB): loso to mount, good double pirouette, good flight series, amazing in the L turn to full turn to double turn to leap to full hop, good Gainer full dismount, with a step. 13.700

Devillard (VT): Rudi with chest low 14.700

After the first rotation Russia leads with 43.098 ahead of France (42.600) and Great Britain (41.032)


Rotation 2:


Simm (BB):  back tuck (check), front walkover, leap sequence and she falls on side jump, ok on the back pike series, falls again, double back tuck dismount 9.700

Melnikova (UB): good solid routine , some missed handstands but very secure 14.033

Sarah Peter (FX): nice routine overall with some good tumbling:  big triple full, double back tuck with step front salto to full salto,

Varinska (VT): Yurhcenko 1 1/2 with some  knee iessues 13.933

Perebinosova (UB):  connected everything and impressive original skills, but not as good as Melnikova in execution

Kinsella (BB): side aerial to loso, switch leap side somi, double turn and almost falls, aerial walkover wobbles again,  2 1/2 good dismount 12.566

Boeczoego (FX) double layout, impressive double front, full to split leap, double back tuck stuck amazing routine! 12.7

Volleman (FX): well controlled full in,  1 1/2 to front full layout, double full, triple turn nice dynamic routine but some problems in the artistic elements 13.2

Charpy (UB): peels off on the turns on low bar, nice pike Jaeger good Tkachev, dismounts with a beautiful double layout 12.533

van Pol (FX): double Arabian, 2 1/2 to punch front,  front 1 1/2 to front full layout  12.900

Juliette Bossu (UB):  toe-on full,  chow 1/2, Pak, van Leeuwen, double front 14.200

van Gerner (FX): you can tell she loves to perform this routine, double back tuck, beautifully expressive movement 13.100

de Jesus dos Santos (UB): an amazing bars routine finishing with a beautiful double layout full  14.400 – justice for Melanie!

Perez (VT): Full twisting Yurchenko 13.700

Russia leads with 85 points followed by France with 83. Ukraine is third, Spain is 4th… None of these teams has done the beam though.


Rotation 3:



Alekseeva (BB): good mount with loso, a bit flat on the layout series, side aerial with bobble, 2/1 to dismount. Not great, but no fall! 13.233 – the judges are in a good mood

Fedorova (UB): good turns,  nice high Jaeger only a layout to dismount

Simakova (BB): switch ring leap, awesome in flick- loso, seide aerial, side somi with check, double back tuck with chest up. 13.366

Boeczoego (VT): handspring front tuck

Melnikova (BB): punch front mount, ring leap, flick loso, L turn, aerial walkover, side somi, double back pike. Very secure routine overall, well played Geliya! 13.333

Fenton (FX): triple full with step to the side,  2 1/2 to punch front, lovely use of her long lines, stuck double back tuck. A pleasure to watch. 13.200

Devai (VT): 14.266

Charpy (BB): loso mount, flick loso, triple wolf turn, side aerial, works with a lot of confidence so far, good tour-jete, double back pike  chest a bit low. But a great start for her team.

Visser (VT): Yurchenko full, beautiful

Raya (UB): good work nothing too crazy, Geinger, Jaeger, full in dismount with good height 12.666

Melanie DJDS (BB): Pike front, layout to two feet solid, switch half, aerial to jump to flick, Johnson,  good dismount 13.600

Boyer (BB): aerial (check), off on layout to two feet, switch leap switch half, side aerial (check), double pike dismount – Boyer was the weak link for France today 12.166

Volleman (VT) 14.266

Perez (UB): good pirouettes and transitions, flat inbar Geinger, full layout dismount, 13.300

With one rotation to go Russia leads with 125.329 followed by  France: 122.432 and  Netherlands:119.164


Rotation 4:




Simakova (FX): cute routine   2 1/2 to front full stretched, full in, good double pike, double back tuck. She is playing a doll in this routine, still suits her, but she should not keep it for long 13.333

Simm (VT): Lopez

Makra: pike Jaeger, Pak, hesitates on low bar, double pike to finish

Akhaimova (FX): dlo, full in with step, double L turn, Arabian with form issues and step fwd, double back with hop back good routine overall, needs to clean up form but it will be useful for the team 13.000

Kinsella (VT): DTY with small step back 14.333

Stanhope (VT): DTY with good execution,  14.566

Melnikova (FX): full in layout well landed, a bit flat in DLO but controlled 13.533

Dorina (UB): 10.4

Russia 165.195 the finishing total. Not possible to catch them any more

Charpy (FX) falls on the first pass, double back tuck, front layout to front full, double back pike 11.800

van Gerner (UB): nice Jaeger, shoot to low bar, full in dismount. Excellent control on this important moment for her team 13.733

Boyer (FX): 2 1/2 to punch front, messy double Y turn, nice double back tuck, 2 1/2 wolf turn, double back pike. Good routine overall. 12.933

van Pol (UB): what a great fight she put: cool Jaeger, ok Tkachev to Pak, then almost stopped on the low bar but she fought to continue and managed to stay on 12.933

Melanie de Jesus dos Santos (FX): full twisting double layout stretched, full in, double wolf turn, bunch front to double back tuck, double back pike. A great routine from Melanie. 13.966

Wevers (UB): a perfect bars routine from Wevers finished with a lovely double layout stretched 13.733 Bronze for the Netherlands!


Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Photo Cover: Thomas Schreyer for UEG

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