2018 Euros: Junior Event Finals

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Junior Event Finals start at 10am local time on the 5th of August. Here is the start list


Bachynska:  VT 1 Good Yurchenko 1 1/2 14.000 VT 2 Full twisting Yurchenko, very clean form, stuck 13.916 average

Astafeva: VT 1 FTY with flexed feet and knees  13.4, VT 2 Y 1 1/2 with step to the side, same form issues 13.45 average

Sfitingu: VT 1 DTY with big step to the side, off the mat 13.933 VT 2 Yurchenko 1 1/2 with some form issues, but centered and small step 13.849 average

Bacskay: VT1 full twisting Yurchenko slightly piked 13.666 VT 2 Yurchenko 1 1/2 with small hop to the side

warm-up for group 2

Urazova: VT1 a very clean Yurchenko 1 1/2 with a tiny hop to the side VT2 FTY with very nice form, stuck 13.650

Asia D’Amato: VT 1 Big DTY but unfortunately deviated and with visible bent knees 14.266 VT2 Lopez well executed, much better than the first vault 14.200 for an average of 14.233

Morgan: VT 1 a big double twisting Yurchenko, best so far in my opinion 14.166 – judges beg to differ VT 2 nice full twisting Yurchenko, well controlled 13.966 average

Villa: VT 1 a beautiful Yurchenko double full, legs glued together 14.533 (The highest I’ve seen for a DTY in this code is 14.600. well done Villa) VT 2 nice high Yurchenko full, landed slightly deviated 13.900 (?) Long wait, it looks like they now have her on 4th… That’s impossible right?

We have unofficial confirmation:

  1. Asia D’Dmato 14.233
  2. Giorgia Villa 14.216
  3. Amelie Morgan 13.966

It’s official, Italy goes 1-2 followed by Great Britain on third.

Uneven bars

Villa: Ricna to Pak, Maloney to turn in L grip to Ejhova, Chow, overshoot to handstand, Ray, pirouettes in L grip, full in dismount good routine, some form issues in the turns 13.700

Zsekely: pike Jaeger , full turn  to Tkachev to Pak,  Maloney, inbar Geinger full in  dismount. Hit routine but very messy 13.666

Elisa Iorio: Ricna to Pak, Chow to turn in L grip to Ejhova, van Leeuwen, turns in mixed grip, Stalder, double front dismount, with a couple of steps, I was afraid she was going to sit but saved it! worked cleaner than Villa 13.9/5.9

Komnova: low bar work, inbar to high bar, Pak, Van Leeuwen, turn in L, pike Jaeger, Stalder full in dismount. A very clean routine 14.266

Heduit: turn on low bar, Maloney, Ricna, Tkachev to Pak, van Leeuwen, ½ turn in L, pike Jaeger, double front dismount. Huge routine!  14.133

Alistratava: turn on low bar, bends at the hips, van Leeuwen, pike Jaeger, Pak, Maloney, clear hip almost falls, double front ½ dismount 12.600

Klimenko: stalder full, van Leeuwen, ½ turn to pike Jaeger to Pak, Maloney to inbar Geinger, double front ½ dismount with a small hop, beautiful work, impressive form in her releases 14.333

De Zeeuw: toe on full, Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen,falls on pike  Jaeger falls, she was far from the high bar overshoot to handstand,  clear hip, full in dismount with hands down 9.900

Top 3:

  1. Kseniia Klimenko 14.333
  2. Irina Komnova 14.266
  3. Carolann Heduit 14.133


Medal ceremony for vault and bars before the next two finals


Balance beam

The gymnasts are introduced.

Sfiringu: flick on to the beam, flick loso loso, Ilusion,  aerial- leap- Korbut, side aerial, two leaps, round-off double full with crossed legs, good routine some missed splits 12.7

Enghels: back dive to chest stand, double wolf turn, flick loso, leaps, back tuck with step, leap to side aerial, aerial legs comes up, round-off full 12.866

Hilton: double wolf turn, aerial, fick- flick- loso, swicth leap-switch half (not enough split), side aerial wobble, bent at the hips, a simple full as a dismount… some wobbles 12.300

Morgan: flick on the beam (wobble), flick loso loso (wobble),  switch leap-switch half – Korbut (knees throughout the series), front aerial stops, missed connection, two leaps, side aerial , leap off the side of the beam, round-off- double full very nice dismount, not as clean during the routine 13.466. Nope, she had good stuff but scoring seems all over the map. Focus, beam judges!

Villa: loso mount, flick loso, L turn to full turn, leap to side somi, double turn, hop full, switch leap to split jump, round-off to double pike.  A gorgeous routine with unusual skills and emphasizing her strengths 13.633

Iorio: loso mount, side aerial, switch leap to split leap, nice low beam work, flock loso loso well controlled, aerial walkover, Y turn (big wobble), double pike dismount. Amazing work despite the wobble on the turn. 13.133

Murzhak: flick (check), flick- flick – loso (check), L turn,  aerial, ring jump, side somi (arm wave), side aerial, switch leap – leap split jump, round-off 1 1/2 She is a lovely beam worker, too many wobbles today I am afraid 12.7

Klimenko: simple mount, wolf turn, switch half, side aerial check, flick, side somi, aerial (adjustment) jump, fwd flick to puch front, switch ring, moves leg, double full. She has difficulty and polish but was a bit tentative today 12.900

What a beautiful final with no falls:

  1. Giorgia Villa 13.633
  2. Amelie Morgan 13.466
  3. Elisa Iorio 13.133


Floor Exarcise

Urazova: triple wolf turn, stuck triple full, double back tuck small step, double Y, double wolf, front double full, lovely leaps, 2 ½ steps OOB such a shame 12.9

Pontlevoy: wrong music, starts again, 2/1 to punch front, big step, whip triple full, good leaps, double pike with small step, double full, beautiful expressive dance 12.666

Villa: full in with hop back, front double full, triple full, double turn with leg up, big double back tuck, shows some expressivity in dance good dance big tumbling 13.333

Duta: nice choreographed entrance, double turn, Arabian (better than qualifications), full in bounces back, good leaps, stuck double back pike lovely dance, double back with hop. Beautiful routine, two low landsings but immense tumbling. We are in love with Antonia Duta! 12.900

van Disseldorp: double pike with steps OOB,  doube Y to Ilusion, tour-jete, 2 ½, front full beautiful elegant work but she needs more striking music to set her apart She has good artistic qualities.

Astafeva: double back tuck with step, Y turn, triple full, 1 1/2 to punch front, double full. Not many deductions for tumbling, lots of good quality arm waving 🙂

It looks like they don’t know where to place her.., judges you put yourself in this position by being harsh to Urazova and Duta ?

Astafeva 12.7

Morgan: 2 1/ to punch front steps (OOB?), double back tuck well controlled, front 2/1, nice dance on a tango music 12.9

Stanciulescu: full in small step, double back tuck with step, double L to full turn, 2 ½ to punch front double back pike with small step. Nice job.

Ah no, they break ties here. Antonia Duta is left without a medal for her amazing routine

  1. Ioana Stanciulescu 13.433
  2. Giorgia Villa 13.333
  3. Amelie Morgan 12.900



Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Photo Cover: Thomas Schreyer for UEG

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