2018 Euros: Senior Event Finals

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2018 Euros senior event finals begin at 2:30pm local time. Here is the start list:


Devai: VT 1: Cheng with a few errors of execution, bent over on landing, crossed legs, but well controlled 14.633 VT 2 a very high Yurchenko double full, deviated to the side. Strong start for the final but Devai will not get the advantage she would have wanted. She gets a .3 penalty for the DTY. 14.349 average

Devillard: VT 1 Rudi, well centered, some visible crossed legs 14.766. VT 2 hands and knees down on the DTY. Should be very costly. 13 100, and a 13933 average score

Volleman: VT 1 Yurchenko double full chest low, step forward 13.933 VT 2 Lopez (she was very piked at the hips, I hope on purpose) 13.666 13.766 average

Teja Belak: VT 1 Front handspring full sits VT 2 Yurchenko 1 1/2 much nicer

Akhaimova: VT 1 Rudi landed securely 14.366 but with VT 2 Tsuk full  13.766;  14.066 average

Golgota VT 1 DTy with crossed legs but very well controlled and landed 14.500 VT 2 Tsuk full well executed a bit piked but landed on the center and without large steps 13.833 Average 14.166

Sarah Voss: VT 1 a very nice DTY, nicely stretched, only a step back  14.433 VT 2 Lopez well executed!  14.03 average

Melnikova: VT 1 a nice Yurchenko double full, a bit of a case of helicopter legs but good overall 14.566 VT 2 Podkopayeva with some legs but well landed 13.900, for an average of 14.233

  1. Devai
  2. Melnikova
  3. Golgota

Boglarka is ugly crying to celebrate. She simply cannot stop sobbing.


Uneven bars:

Juliette Bossu: Inbar stalder a little hesitation, Chow, inbar stalder to inbar stalder ½ to pike Jaeger to Pak, van Leeuwen, double front dismount.  A little bit of a mistake but survived 14.100

Derwael: Nabieva, Fenton-Derwael to Ejhova to Chow to Pak, van Leeuwen, toe on 1/1 to full in dismount. That was fast an efficient, also beautiful work except for some flexed feet 14.733

Adlerteg: Shang to Pak, Shaposhnikova to Pak 1/1 (looked deviated), Maloney to Clear hip circle 1/1 to Tkachev, double layout. A testament to her training that she did not go off on this routine. 14.533

Charpy: Toe on 1/1, Chow ½, toe on ½ to pike Jaeger, Ricna to Pak, van Leeuwen, double layout stuck! a very nice routine. 14.133

Perebinosova: Tweddle to Ejhova (very low), Maloney to Stalder 1/1 to Tkachev to Pak, van Leeuwen, full in stuck  14.166

Simm: Toe on full, Hindorff, Ricna to Pak, Chow, Pak 1/1, van Leeuwen, double layout with legs apart 14.066

Bui: pike Jaeger to Pak, Maloney to Pak full, van Leeuwen, toe on 1/1 to Gienger, full in dismount. A very nice routine. 14.200 moves into third

Melnikova: Inbar stalder 1/1, Maloney to Pak to van Leeuwen, Inbar ½ to pike Jaeger, toe on full  to full in 14.366

Gutted for Kim Bui but a well deserving podium:

  1. Nina Derwael
  2. Jonna Adlerteg
  3. Angeline Melnikova

Balance beam

The finalists are being introduced in 30 seconds!

Boyer: aerial, wobble on layout to two feet, adjustment on switch half, L turn side aerial to lea to side somi, ok so far, huge double pike. 13.166

Brassart: walkover mount, flick- loso, switch leap stop switch ½, side aerial, switch ring leap, two jumps connected, hesitates on low beam work, round-off double back pike. 12.166 I thought she did better than that but I must have missed something.

De Jesus dos Santos: front pike , flick layout to two feet, switch ½, aerial – leap – flick, big wobble on side leap, round-off double back pike, very nicely landed. Such a shame for the big break. 13.066

Wevers: ro -flick mount,  2L turn, side somi to flick connected, aerial to leap to Omelianchik, L turn double leap stops, Gainer full stuck. Judge Wevers on duty with the agenda waiting for her score. 13.900

Millousi: off on layout stepout mount, flick – loso, aerial to jump, side somi to two leaps, switch leap to ring leap, switch ring leap, double full dismount. That was such an odd fall, she seemed to be able to keep it in control but then she stepped off. 12.133

Kaeslin: switch leap, flick- flick – loso, Onodi to sheep jump, back handspring full,Y turn, aerial leap – leap double full just in time. She focused for long before each element in order not to mess up 12.466

Derwael: loso mount,  flick – layout stepout, aerial, side somi, switch leap – split leap, triple wolf turn, Gainer full. very nice work from her, should medal here. 13.600, indeed guaranteed a medal

Schaefer: switch leap to leap, flick loso with wobble, switch ring leap, full turn, falls on the Schaefer side somi, side aerial to connecting jumps, Gainer dismount. 12.400

  1. Sanne Wevers 13.900
  2. Nina Derwael 13.600
  3. Marine Boyer 13.166


Floor exercise:

Fenton: triple full with step to the side,  2 1/2 to punch front with a step to the side, nice series of Y turns, double back tuck pretty good. Nice dance seemed to be lacking a bit of power but it had beautiful execution 12.633

Kinckaert: the Harry Potter routine. Memmel, punch front do double back, double layout a bit low, amazing mid section choreo, very expressive and original,  full in pike, double back pike 13.400

The commentator on the international feed is killing it with the Harry Potter references

Castles: beautiful lines from the get go; double back tuck with hop,  1 1/2 to  2 1/2, double wolf turn, front full stretched nice dance, not a lot of difficulty but checking all the boxes for the current floor requirements. 12.800

Inquiry rejected for Klinckaert

van Gerner with full cat makeup and “ears”. ah, this routine suddenly makes much more sense now stuck double back, front full to front full Beautiful routine, I love that she celebrates her final qualification by going all out with hair and makeup. 13.300 The judges approve. Thank you judges for not breaking our spirit! with a 4.6 D it mean that she got full marks for artistry

Basile: double layout stuck, double Arabian with step,  2 1/2 to punch front, double back pike. Good routine. 13.166

Melnikova: double L, dull in stretched, double layout (step OOB), double wolf turn, punch front to double back tuck w step, Memmel, double back pike. nice routine but with the classic 4 passes there seemed to be little time left for cats and birds :). Just kidding a very well done routine for Geliya, I was afraid she must be exhausted by now 13.166 very low.

Golgota: huge tumbling from her with good DLO (legs came apart), double Arabian with step, double back pike and double back tuck. I am afraid the dance was from a different era. But she is such a talent, Romania is lucky to have her especially at this difficult time. 13.600 goes into first with a huge 5.5 D score.

de Jesus dos Santos: full in stretched, double-double with  hop, double back tuck stuck, double back pike, superb routine. 13.766 and a well deserved gold.

  1. Melanie de Jesus dos Santos 13.766
  2. Denisa Golgota 13.600
  3. Axele Klinckaert 13.400

In the end theatrics did not matter in the grand scheme of podium things. But the artistry did make the difference between 1st and 2nd place. I would put them equal in landing deductions but a slight advantage to dos Santos for a better construction of the routine and  huge Chusovitina  to open.


Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Photo Cover: Thomas Schreyer for UEG

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