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A collection of the interesting, captivating or slightly frustrating routines that did not make it into the top eight. Some had pretty darn good execution but lacked a little bit of luck (in the starting order), a little bit of difficulty for an extra kick, or sometimes both. Others had silly mistakes and the fall from grace was all the more painful.

Here they are:

Jonna Adlerteg – she was looking so fine until that Pak (she was only 30th in qualifications – 12.800/5.9):


Louise Vanhille – yet another Pak gone wrong, another final missed (17th place  in prelims – 13.333/5.7)


Andreea Iridon –  impressive form on beam (9th place  in prelims – 14.100/5.7)


Eythora Thorsdottir – floor (9th place in prelims – 13.800/5.6):


Kim Singmuang – full in layout dismount (16th place in prelims – 13.466/5.7):


Diana Bulimar  – new floor for her, the choreo suits her well, too bad for that mis-judged back tuck (23rd in qualifications – 13.066/5.5):


** Vanessa Ferrari** – the curse of the last pass hit her as well, a shame as it was a great routine up until then (she was 13th – 13.525/5.7)

Noemi Makra‘s bars routine – she was 15th in qualifications (13.600/5.9):


Eythora Thorsdottir – too bad for the many wobbles, but the routine looks pretty good despite those (17th place in qualifications – 13.500/5.7):


Carlotta Ferlito – a wobble free balance beam routine (10th place in qualifications – 14.058/5.7):


Ellie Downie – some big tumbling on floor (16th place in qualifications- 13.400/5.6):


Laura Jurca – a cute floor routine (11th with 13.666/5.5)


The list is open, we are waiting for your suggestions in the comments!


Article by: Bea Gheorghisor

Photo Cover: Artistic Gymnastics European Championships 2015 – Montpellier

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