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The leotard fashion police takes over the US Championships –

Sara, Emma and Bea are the commentators this edition.

Enjoy and leave a comment, if you have any other favorites or if you disagree with us, but also if you just want to tell us what your favorite leotard is:

Ashton Locklear:

Sara: Well, I don’t really dig pink unless it’s an accent and I really, really don’t like ribbons, but Ashton pulls this off. It’s also a stand-out leo, something she probably needed as an uneven bars specialist with two other specialists chasing her.

Emma: This is a very bold colour choice but I love it it really works on Ashton.

Bea: Are coral and pink really that much better than the fucsia and orange combo? Because while the former was the ultimate no-no in my book (flower arrangements – ok; clothing – not ok), I quite enjoyed watching Ashton in this little number. We must acknowledge that this still requires a little patience from the “eyes of the beholder” to adjust to the shine, but Ashton really manages to pull this off. Bronze medal today.

Bailie Key:

Sara: I love this. Bailie is a fine all-around competitor and while fans have been eagerly anticipating her senior debut, some of the excitement surrounding her has been lost to the return of the 2012 Olympians and the continued dominance of Simone. This playful leo helped her stand out in the midst of that company. It’s unique yet classy (I mean, it’s a tux after all!) and she wore it well.

Emma:  this type of Leo has been tried before to mixed reviews think Beth Tweddle or Tina Erceg. Personally I think it ups her floor routine to a whole new level & I applaud Texas Dreams for bring back performance to floor.

Bea: YES to performance and dramatic leotards. I hope Texas Dreams finally manage to push the “costume” in the mainstream of gymnastics and it will change its status from an eyebrow raising occurrence reserved for the eccentrics of gymnastics (a la Erceg, Marta Pihan etc.).


Mykayla Skinner:

Sara: Well, I actually like this shade of green and don’t mind the mesh; she wears it well. But it’s just too difficult to see this leotard and suspend the thought that apparently went behind it. (Without going into it, suffice it to say that Skinner and her team confused Ireland for Scotland.)

Emma: Green and mesh can be iconic – think Lilia 1996. Sadly for MyKayla this doesn’t quite cut it. A beautiful shade of green but for my personal taste, a little too much nude mesh. If the sleeves had have been another colour she could have been a winner.

Bea: Oh, controversy… This reminds me of the last St Patrick’s when I was wearing a blue dress and a green cardigan and I was trying to convince everyone my green cardigan was just a coincidence until a Scot told me “We know, you are wearing blue after all.” but I digress, back to the leotard: Emma, you were spot on, I actually did not know what was missing from the picture. More green, less mesh and everything would be perfect.

Rachael Gowey:

Sara: This is different from the more “Showy” leo’s worn at this competition, but it’s nice nevertheless. It’s sportier, and the purple is flattering.

Emma:  this is a lovely Leo, not my favourite but I love those colours and they really suit her. It’s very Giulia Steingruberish.

Bea: The colors really suit the beautiful Rachel, but the pattern seems a bit dated. This is something I would have loved at 2009 Euros.

Megan Skaggs:

Sara: I go back and forth on this one and will be curious to hear what everyone else thinks. I think I’d like it more without the neckline; the blue/white is sort of wistful.

Emma: I’m sure this looks much better in person than photographed. I much prefer bold, bright colours to pastels. It’s very pretty just not to my taste. Anyone who has been to live gymnastics knows that leos always look much prettier in the flesh.

Bea: I just chose this to remind everyone that watercolor is back. This number looks good on Megan and uneventful, which is always a plus (with watercolor). I think it looks nice and tame.

Kyla Ross:

I think this is a beauty—classic colors, bejeweled just the right amount, a little silver for “the queen of silver.” This leo complimented what Kyla is known for: maturity, balance, cleanliness.

Emma:  this is truly beautiful & looks so pretty on Kyla it’s very Italian looking, think Erika, Vany & Martina who’ve all worn similar. – my winner, she’s regal

Bea: Italian leotard fashion meets regal Kyla Ross. It’s somber, it’s dramatic, it’s simply beautiful.

Maggie Nichols:

Sara: I like this take on the typical red leo. It’s classic, but the surprise plunging neckline gives it some edge. It’s Maggie in a leo: around for a while, but clearly with something more up its sleeve.

Emma: This really works on Swags, she’s got bags of confidence and if you’ve got it, you may as well flaunt it.

Bea: 2014/2015 red carpet fashion applied to leotards, with the plunging  neckline. Luckily gymnasts get to wear mesh, which is pretty much one of the rare occasions where mesh is generally welcome. That being said, I love the shade of red, it suits her 100%, this is my favorite look of the batch.


Edited by: Bea Gheorghisor

Photos via: USA Gymnastics on Facebook

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