Osijek: Ruby Harrold in Golden Come-back

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Ruby Harrold dominated the uneven bars competition with the highest scores in both qualifications and event finals. She hit a routine out of 6.3 difficulty, which included the spectacular signature combos – Maloney to Bhardwaj, van Leeuwen to Zuchold she dismounted with a double front (after straddle Jaeger). Harrold had also competed on beam and floor but had major errors and did not make it into other event finals. After the qualifications she tweeted ‘So I decided to do a double Arabian to land on the line judge today’ . Still, she looks in promising shape considering she has been out for the majority of the year with an injury. Team GB (and hopefully Ruby) will compete against The Netherlands in a ‘friendly’ match, on the 3rd of October in Hoofddorp.

Anikka Urvikko won a silver medal for Finland. She had a dynamic routine with a Shaposhnikova, overshoot to the low bar, pike Jaeger release and a double front to dismount (tiniest hop). There were some visible errors on the pirouettes, messy legs and knees. Thauany Lee de Araujo improved considerably between qualifications, where she placed 8th, and the event finals, when she had the 3rd score on the event. Her routine is composed of a Maloney transition to the high bar connected to an immediate overshoot, her releases were a nice pike Gienger and a Tkachev  and she dismounted with a double front (hop on landing).

Ruby’s routine:

Silver medal winning routine:

The bronze medallist’s routine:

And here is Arriana Orego, who missed on a medal by a very small margin:

Here are the uneven bars results:

1 HARROLD Ruby 14,125 (6,300) 2 URVIKKO Annika 13,275 (5,500) 3 LEE DE ARAUJO Thauany 13,175 (5,500) 4 ORREGO Ariana 13,025 (5,300) 5 MOKOSOVA Barbora 12,150 (5,300) 6 CASTRO LAZO Simona 12,025 (4,900) 7 VIDIAUX Marcia 11,775 (5,000) 8 BELAK Teja 11,375 (4,200)


On vault, Paula Mejinas from Puerto Rico emerged out of nowhere to take the title: double twisting Tsukahara as the first vault (off direction, and a bit low) and  front handspring tuck salto with 1 1/2 twists  (jusmp to the side) as the second vault. Marcia Vidiaux from Cuba had qualified first after executing the most difficult vaults of the competition – Tsukahara double twist (6.0 difficulty value) and a Rudy (6.2 difficulty). In the event finals however, she failed to fully turn both of her vaults – double twisting Tsukahara downgraded to a 1 1/2, front handspring Rudi, downgraded to a full, plus she had a fall on the 2nd vault. She finished the day on 5th place, a tie with Valerija Grisane. If Vidiaux still earns one of the three Cuban spots for the 2015 Worlds, she will surely get the chance to redeem herself in Glasgow. Boglarka Devai (Hungary) executed an Yurkenko double full (5.8 D) and a Tsukahara full (5.2 D) to earn a silver medal. While Franchesca Santi (Chile) placed 3rd with the same vaults (but less controlled DTY landing).

The gold medal winning vaults:

Marcia Vidiaux:

Silver winning vaults:

Franchesca Santi also did a double twisting Yurchenko and a Tsuk full, to place third:

Complete vault scores:

1 MEJIAS RODRIGUEZ Paula Andre14,125 VT1 6,000 8,375 14,375 / VT2 5,700 8,475 0,3000 13,875 2 DEVAI Boglarka 14,088 5,800 8,475 14,275 / 5,200 8,700 13,900 3 SANTI Franchesca 13,988 5,800 8,400 0,1000 14,100 / 5,200 8,675 13,875 4 TAMAN Nancy Mohamed 13,763 5,000 9,000 14,000 / 4,600 8,925 13,525 5 GRISANE Valerija 13,525 4,600 9,025 13,625 / 4,600 8,825 13,425 VIDIAUX Marcia 13,525 5,500 8,425 13,925 / 5,800 7,425 0,1000 13,125 7 DEREK Ana 13,475 5,300 8,900 14,200 / 5,200 7,550 12,750 8 BELAK Teja 13,338 5,300 8,475 13,775 / 5,300 7,600 12,900


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Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Cover Picture: Nadia Boyce

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