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The balance beam competition was dominated by the Brazilian Jade Barbosa, who earned the best scores in both qualifications and event finals. Her routine was rated difficulty-wise at a 6.0 in qualifications and 5.8 respectively in the final day. She executed a difficult mount (roundoff layout stepout) and her other difficulty elements  roundoff -layout to two feet, L turn, side aerial, switch leap – back tuck, roundoff – flick – double pike dismount. Jade has struggled with injury in the second half of 2014 (she had a knee surgery) and she is now managing another impressive combeback. So many times she’s been held back by injury and every time she has re-invented herself.

Silver medal went to Dorina Boczogo from Hungary but unfortunately I couldn’t find her routine online. And it’s a shame because I would have liked to watch her cool mount . While bronze went to Isabella Medrano from Panama  for a dynamic routine which included: flic-flic-layout to two feet, aerial walkover, switch leap-back tuck, roundoff – layout to two feet.

Jade Barbosa’s routine:


Isabella Amado Medrano on BB:

Beam scores:

1 FERNANDES BARBOSA Jade 14,225 (5,800) 2 BOCZOGO Dorina 13,575 (5,400) 3 AMADO MEDRANO Isabella 13,450 (5,600) 4 TUNNEY Rebecca 16 GBR 13,200 (5,700) 5 KYSSELEF Tjasa 13,125 (5,200) 6 ORREGO Ariana 40 PER 12,600 (4,900) 7 HONTI Kitti 12,500 (4,700) 8 LEE DE ARAUJO Thauany 12,375 (5,700)


The floor title went to Paula Mejias from Puerto Rico. She presented good difficulty and had a clean enough execution: 2 1/2 twists to front full, double arabian (floowed by a tiny stag or leap, which lacked amplitude), whip – double back tuck. This was Paula’s second gold medal, after the vault title in the first day of competition.

Tunde Csillag (Hungary) and Marcia Vidiaux (Cuba) tied for the second place.

Paula Mejias’s routine:

And here are the complete floor results:

1 MEJIAS RODRIGUEZ Paula Andre 13,550 (5,500) 2 CSILLAG Tunde 13,300 (5,500) VIDIAUX Marcia 13,300 (5,600) 4 CASTRO LAZO Simona 13,125 (5,300) 5 KYSSELEF Tjasa 12,775 (4,600) DEREK Ana 12,775 (5,000) 7 BOCZOGO Dorina 12,700 (5,700) 8 YILMAZ Tutya 10,950 (5,500)

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Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Cover Picture: Brigid McCarthy

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