FIT Challenge: Day 2 Results and Report

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The FIT challenge took place on Sunday afternoon in Ghent. The juniors and seniors formed a team of ten (same country or mixed) 4 gymnasts competed and, 4 scores c counted(2 senior and 2 junior).

Here are the qualifying teams and gymnasts and their start order:

France and Italy fought for the first place from the first rotation. The French team started on vault with beautiful execution and three full twisting Yurchenko vaults (Friess 13.500/ 4.6, Charpy 13.500/4.6, Bossu 13.600/4.6). Heduit received a 14.233/5.4 for her serviceable Yurchenko double full.

Italy was on bars with  Linari and a hit routine (not without some struggles) 12.166.  D’Amato  was next and she hit and scored pretty well (13.366) despite a noticeable leg separation on the Pak to toe on Shap to bail, dismounted with a double front. Grisetti fell on her dismount while Iorio fell on a Tkachev release.

Belgium had a rough start on beam trough De Neef who counted three falls.  Daveloose had one fall as well 11.733 /4.7. But Derwael and Hermans saved the day with beautiful routines:  Derwael: flick mount, flick – loso- flick, Ilusion turn, Aurbach full to dismount 13.900/5.4;  Hermans: double turn in squat, leaps, flick- loso-loso, side somi almost down, switch 1/2 leap, leap to side aerial, 2 1/2 dismount 13.4 5.3.

Spain was on floor with  Palacios competing on Lieke Wever’s floor music (and choreo) for a 11.933 Medina has an interesting choreography inspired by modern dance – double pike, double tuck, good leaps, front tuck to double full – 11.433/4.2.  Carmona started with a high double pike, front 1 1/2, triple Y turn (?), again props for the attention to choreo. Ana Perez started out with a great pass, whip whip full in, Y turn, double pike, front salto to front full, double tuck 12.733/ 5.1.

Spain moved to vault where I noticed a   Tsuk layout for a 13.100 by Carmona while Perez did a clean FTY 13.566/4.6.

In the second rotation the French were great on bars Serber opened the rotation with a hit routine but which she should be capable of doing much better: straddle Jaeger, Pak,  full in Double layout 12.333/4.6. Heduit was second and the highlight of her routine was a double front 1/2 dismount. Bossu had a great routine, out of 5.5/ 13.700. Lepin received a 13.900 / 6.0 for her work.

Italy had a steady beam rotation trough Ciammarughi 12.633/4.7 (walked away limping after a double pike dismount).  Saturnino was very focused a hit her flick loso loso, jurjete 1/1, Kochetkova, switch half, double full dismount (13.533/5.3).  Meneghini had a nice opening pass of round off layout to two feed, side somi, side aerial, stuck double pike dismount (13.466/5.4). Grisetti was last and presented a switch ring leap, flick – flick- layout stepout (barely saved it), Onodi, double back tuck (13.566/5.3).

For Belgium, Hermans had the best performnace (full in with hop back, front full to front full, double turn in squat, 2 1/2 ) 13.133 They moved to the vault where they had a comparatively lower difficulty: Priels dud a Yurchenko layout (12.7), VanDamme  did a Tsukahara layout (13.066), Meyers hit her full twisting Yurchenko for a 13.566, as did Brassart (13.633).

Spain were on bars, Ana Perez touched the bar with her feet before dismount, after an otherwise hit routine (13.033/5.7).

Grace Charpy opened the rotation for France on beam: stepout mount, flick – layout stepout, L turn to full turn, switch leap, switch half, aerial walkover, side somi, round off double full (12.633 5.0). Heduit hit too: switch leap , Onodi, switch leap 1/2, side aerial to layout stepout (messy), round-off – whip – double back pike (13.1/5.6). Adam received a 11.933/5.0 (aerial walkover, L turn, flick to back tuck and a fall, no chance to hold it, switch leap to switch half, side somi, double full. Lorette Charpy  had a spectacular flick mount, flick- layout stepout series, front aerial to flick, round off double pike 12.733/4.8.

Italy had a far better rotation on floor and managed to overtake France in the last rotation:  Ciammarughi opened with an arabian double front, double tuck, front full, double pike (12.933/4.7).  Saturnino also had an opening pass with Arabian double front, followed by a full in (big bounce), double back tuck 13.0/5.0. Linari’s passes were full in, front full to front tuck, 1 1/2 to layout full, double pike (for a 13.200/5.1).  Carofiglio opened with a double front, followed by pike double front, switch ring leap, double back tuck, front layout to front layout the big tumbling was rewarded by the judges with the highest score of the competition on this event: 13.633/5.4.

Here are all the results:

Article and Photo: Bea Gheorghisor

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