2017 Worlds: Day 2 Event Finals

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The already infamous 2017 World Gymnastics Championships ended on Sunday afternoon in Montreal, Canada. For the women, they ended how they began: with injury. The last competitor in the Floor Final, Italy’s Vanessa Ferrari, crashed her full-in and was carried away by the medical staff.

Not so far away, Japan’s Mai Murakami, no doubt concerned, nevertheless had to suppress her elation. She had competed first , setting the bar high with a unique routine that boasted equally masterful dance and tumbling. Her long wait to see if her score would hold up ended in happy tears. She had a lot to celebrate after narrowly missing a place on the all-around and balance beam podiums. Additionally, her title was the first for a Japanese woman in 63 years. The long drought is over.

Following Murakami were fellow big-tumblers Jade Cary (USA) and Claudia Fragapane (Great Britain). While Carey’s choreography left something to be desired, her tumbling (opening with a double-double tucked and closing with a full-in) was dynamic and secure. For her part, Fragapane executed a much more artistically-pleasing routine and only had trouble on her first pass–a full-twisting double layout–where her landing was uncontrolled. The rest of the routine was fabulous, however, and it was good to see the fight after a rough beginning.

Earlier in the afternoon, the Balance Beam Final also ended in happy tears from the German contingent. Teammates Pauline Schaefer and Tabea Alt placed first and third, respectively, sandwiching USA’s Morgan Hurd, who claimed silver.

Schaefer’s began and ended her routine with statements, opening with a cool switch leap mount to a split leap to a full turn with her leg held up, and she ends with a gainer layout dismount.

Hurd’s best moment came on her beautifully solid standing full. she counted some wobbles but ended with a big and secure full-in dismount.

And Alt also began with an ambitious mount–a round-off to layout–counting some wobbles (especially on leaps) but ending strong with a double tuck dismount.

Full Results

Balance Beam Final

  1. Pauline Schaefer (GER) 13.533/5.5 D
  2. Morgan Hurd (USA) 13.400/5.7 D
  3. Tabea Alt (GER) 13.300/5.7 D
  4. Mai Murakami (JPN) 13.066/5.4 D
  5. Yelena Yeromina (RUS) 12.966/5.4 D
  6. Asuka Teramoto (JPN) 12.966/5.6 D
  7. Liu Tingting (CHN) 12.766/5.5 D
  8. Elsabeth Black (CAN) 12.400/5.7 D

Floor Exercise Final

  1. Mai Murakami (JPN) 14.233/5.9 D
  2. Jade Carey (USA) 14.200/5.7 D
  3. Claudia Fragapane (GBR) 13.933/5.6 D
  4. Thais Santos (BRA) 13.666/5.5 D
  5. Brooklyn Moors (CAN) 13.650/5.2D
  6. Mori Lara (ITA) 13.266/5.4 D
  7. Elsabeth Black (CAN) 12.900/5.3 D
  8. Vanessa Ferrari (ITA) 9.933/2.00 D (Incomplete routine)


Article: Sara Dorrien-Christians


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