2014 CWG: Vault and Uneven Bars

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After sweeping the podium in the all around competition, England continued to dominate with two more gold medals in the first day of event finals. Claudia Fragapane added a new gold medal on vault to her already impressive collection – she already had two for the team event and one for all around. Claudia was followed on the podium by Ellie Black, who thus brought Canada’s sole medal (so far) of the Games, the the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics events.

Dipa Karmakar won the bronze, becoming the first Indian woman to medal in gymnastics at the Games. The manner in which she managed to win the medal will also remain in the history books: her second vault was a Produnova, very difficult and dangerous, which she managed to land and for which she was rewarded with the biggest score of the day for one vault – 15.100.

In the Uneven Bars final another English woman won the gold medal: Becky Downie presented a slightly altered version of the routine that brought her the gold at 2014 Euros (6.4 Difficulty), and despite some execution inexactities, her performance was good enough for gold.

She was followed on the podium by Australia’s Larrissa Miller who hit an excellent routine (and a stuck landing) but who couldn’t match Downie in terms of difficulty – only 6.1 for Miller.

Ruby Harrold also had a hit routine, compared to the all around final the previous day her execution received slightly more deductions. But she won the bronze medal more than 6 tenths ahead of Canada’s Ellie Black who placed 4th.

Here are the complete results


1 Fragapane V 1 14.766, V2 14.500 / Score 14.633 2 E Black V1 14.433 V2 14.433 / Score 14.433 3 D Karmakar V1 13.633 V2 15.100 / Score 14.366 4 M Chant V1 14.233, V 2 14.233 / Score 14.233 5 K Simm V1 14.633, V2 13.766 / Score 14.199 6 K Beckett V1 14.366, V2 13.866 / Score 14.116 7 GR Brown V1 14.100, V2 13.566 / Score 13.833 8 E White V1 13.800. 13.300 / Score 13.550


1 R Downie 14.666 2 L Miller 14.566 3 R Harrold 14.366 4 E Black 13.700 5 GR Brown 13.566 6 K Becket 12.933 7 E Beddoe 11.633 8 R Theaker 8.333

Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Cover Picture: British Gymnastics on Facebook

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