2014 CWG: Beam and Floor Results

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The beam final was one riddled with mistakes, with four out of the 8 finalists under-performing. But that is not to say we had a lesser podium: Ellie Black brought Canada’s sole gold medal in the WAG competition. The fact that this happened on the routine she upgraded the most over the last year, adding both new acro series as well as more difficult artistic elements, was a fantastic reward.

Mez Monckton won the silver medal for Australia, for a less difficult routine, while Georgina Hockenhull earned Wales’ sole individual medal in the WAG competition (and the second medal after the bronze in the team event).

The floor final was less dramatic with three clear favorites on top placements: Claudia Fragapane hit again and earned herself her 4th gold medal at these games (this also means England won 5 out of 6 possible gold medal in the WAG!). Lauren Mitchell won the silver (another one for Australia), while Ellie Black completed the podium.

Here are the complete results:


1 E Black 14.900 2 MA Monckton 13.666 3 G Hockenhull 13.466 4 E Beddoe 13.366 5 C Fragapane 13.133 6 L Mitchell 13.000 7 I Onysko 12.666 8 R Downie 9.833


1 C Fragapane 14.541 2 L Mitchell 13.833 3 E Black 13.666 4 S Merkle 13.433 5 J Hogg 13.166 6 H Whelan 13.133 7 C Sullivan 13.033 8 K Beckett 13.000


Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Cover Picture: Source

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