Archive - February 2015

Krister Ras is looking back at stellar American Cup performances and moments, from Nadia to Gabby. Read here!
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US, Russia, Romania, France, Brazil, Great Britain and more have updates for you this week. Read more here!
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Catching up with Romania before the 2015 competitive seasons begins and in the light of come-back intentions from Catalina Ponor.
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Mustafina deals with a toothache, Team Russia prepares for 2015, and the Olympic veterans play a game of “Guess the Hero.”
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February and March competition updates, news from Romania, videos from the US camp and Gabby’s training videos
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Three Romanian Juniors competed at Nadia Comaneci International Invitational International and they did not disappoint.
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Find a report of the International Elite competition. Elena Arenas, Xie Yufen top the field in Frisco.
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Find the first results of the “Elite Qualifier” at WOGA Classic.
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Before a new season begins and new seniors enter the fray, we look back at gymnasts who had unexpected outings in 2014.
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Find an overview of this mid-February competitions, updates and video from the US camp, Euros schedule and prospects and more.
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This month, we celebrate with career highlights of one of the most beloved gymnasts in history.
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Taking a photo tour through Team Russia’s 2015 prospects.
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A list of floor routines worth going back and watching again (and again) because the choreography is so captivating and spot on. By Kristen Ras.
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